Saturday, May 28, 2016

Revlon Rosedew Lipstick

Rosedew is such a pretty warm pink lipstick.  I really like this shade on its own or with a neutral/nude lipliner.  This shade matches my natural lip-tone perfectly.  I think that sometimes when we think of a perfect nude shade, we shouldn't always be going in the direction of beige or brown.  A pretty warm pink (if it compliments your natural skin tone) can be the perfect everyday nude/natural lis-shade.

 I decided to pair Revlon's Rosedew lipstick with MAC boldly bare lipliner.  I think this is a very pretty look for everyday-natural makeup.   I'm also wearing MAC club eyeshadow on the lid into the crease, Grey Utility eyeliner smudged with Soot shadow and a brown-black mascara.  I mixed two blush shades - MAC Melba and MAC trace gold.  I really love this look - it's natural, pretty and has just enough warmth to give off that golden glow, while still being soft and pretty :)

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