Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ruby Woo - 2 Ways

I decided to experiment a little with the Deep Winter Reds.  I decided to wear Ruby Woo on its own, since a true red lip IS the most glamorous look on the Planet!!!  I then decided to pair Ruby Woo with MAC's deep red liner called 'Nightmoth' - this liner verges on a dark blackish-purple red, the ideal shade for a 'deep' winter season - In both looks I'm wearing the same makeup, except for the change in lipliner.

To achieve this look I started with a basic makeup look:
Mineral Fusion Foundation in Olive, NC 30 concealer by MAC and translusent powder.  I then mixed MAC's Fever and Raizin blushes (it created a stunning shade and I think I'm going to use this mix as my signature blush look - I absolutely LOVE it).  For my eyes, I used the cover girl eyeshadow quad in urban basics - I mixed the two lightest shades as a base and then used the cool-taupey shade on the lid.  I then used MAC's copperplate and smut eyeshadows mixed and applied to the crease and into the outter corners.  I finished with Smolder eyeliner, smudged with Marcelle's Cabaret eyeshadow (a dark steel grey colour) and black mascara.

Check out the looks:

RUBY WOO (on its own)

RUBY WOO (With MAC's Nighmoth lipliner):                                                           


FloridaLady46 said...

The last photo is beautiful. You may make a believer out of me yet.
My 2013 goal is to shake up my look, new hair color, style, contact lenses, lose a few pounds, refresh my wardrobe.

Even though I'm happy in my colors I may add a color analysis to find out which ones are my best.

I love your new hairstyle. It is flattering, fun & flirty. The texture of my hair would not work with your style, but I would love a rocker chick look even at my age!

Margo said...


I was surprised to see you in different colors with different make-up. You look good as always but to my opinion you look older in winter colors. Sorry. I am neutral too and I wear neutral warm and neutral cold colors but my make-up is in neutral warm colors always. Dark winter colors will make me look older also for sure.

Renata said...

Thank you FloridaLady - Honestly, the end of 2012 was the beginning of a real transformation/metamorphasis for me - I really started to 'shed a skin' so to speak and although painful at the time, I now see the lesson in why certain things had to happen, why I needed to let go of people, things, places etc that weren't serving my highest good - interestingly enough, its during this process of self exploration and 'awakening' that DW seemed to find 'me' - I think that colour is energy and you attract to you what you need and whats right for you - I think that making 2013 a transformative year is AMAZING and I wish you many blessings and positive vibes to kick start the process - its amazing when you start the process of rediscovering yourself - if you're being called to 'ROCK it' - then ROCK it 100% - or should I say 'ROCK ON'!!!

Renata said...

THanks Margo - I know that many people are still TA fans and that switching to DW is a huge 'dramatic' jump, but its what feels right and as you know, I love the journey of colour exploration! I know for sure now that I'm not a true warm and the soft season lack a certain 'omph' on me - I think DW is just what I need - I've been doing very dramatic looks lately, I also hope to do some more 'natural' looking DW looks too, so stay tuned!!!