Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deep Winter Collage

Here is a collage I created where I'm definitely wearing 'Deep' Winter makeup shades - I really like the colour harmony found in this collage - One thing that I noticed about my eyes in this collage is just what a deep hazel shade they really are - I always had a hard time defining my eye-colour - There is definitely an element to them that is 'neutral' - a lot grey-geen with some amber.  I think that they are too rich a deep to be considered 'clear' and although I thought that perhaps they could be 'soft', again there is a quality about them that is slightly too 'strong' to be part of the soft palette!  I love making new discoveries and I love the journey of finding my perfect season.  Many people ask me (and even get irritated) about me having a sci/art draping - although I know it would be fun and a very valuable experience, there is something about exploring the seasons myself that I love - I love the journey, the process, the self-discovery, connecting to my colour friends on facebook, experiementing etc etc - I have to say that so far, Deep Winter seems like a very strong possibility for me and I'm excited about this new chapter in the colour 'self-discovery' journey!

I believe that in this photo I'm wearing Brule, Espresso (lid to crease), Coffee eyeliner smudged with embark on my eyes, Fever blush and Burgundy + Media lipstick (all MAC)

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