Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Red Lip

One of my favourite things about the Deep Winter season is the majestic, rich, jewel inspired tones.  I particularily love the combination of red and black - to me, there is nothing more sophisticated than red and black paired together and I'm so uber excited to be able to wear these shades - I created a makeup look that you can find in my previous post titled 'Ruby Woo - 2 Ways' (Here is the link: http://renata-beautyandelegance.blogspot.ca/2013/01/ruby-woo-2-ways.html

I decided to create a visual/colour collage using the same makeup look (Ruby Woo on its own) - I also included a little photo comparison of my makeup look with a photo of a younger Joan Collins, who oozes DW charm - I think that she may just become my new DW makeup muse!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I will be still strongly convince you to Bright Winter. I check some your old posts and I am sure about it practically because of your eyes which have orange undertones. Deep Winter cannot have it! Orange undertones means that your season is mutated (cold and warm) so again we arrive to the Clear Winter or Clear Spring.

Btw. I don't know but I have feeling like you still didn't discover the BW pallete. It isnt the same like for other winters. BW colors are very BRIGHT, FLUORESCENCE, light or the most dark. The best to now is to check on the internet person with that season and what she is wearing and how she looks (it will show us good and bad colors) ---> http://www.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/20080917/300.fox.megan.091708.jpg

I have seen your foto with burgundy lipstick and black shirt. You looks very goood. Like Megan Fox here: http://thebestfashionblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Megan-Fox-Long-Black-Hairstyles-For-2012-3.jpg

So I am sorry for convincing you again but 99% you are BW in my opinion;-)

Btw.. Angelina Jolie has eyes similar like you and also she is a Bright Winter;-) sometimes people mistake her as Autumn: http://www.hot-tapety.pl/tapety/angelina_jolie/1600x1200_1252857778_angelina_jolie.jpg

Allison said...

Hi Renata! I'm a huge fan of your blog. I, too, am into Color Analysis. I'm dying to have mine professionally done. My gut instincts think I'm possibly a Light Spring or Soft Autumn -- definitely warm, but dark dark colors overwhelm me.

I think you look beautiful, but I think that the Autumn palette brings out your natural beauty more. The Winter palette is little too strong. Ruby Woo is a lovely red lip, but my eye goes to the red lipstick first, rather than your lovely face.

Renata said...

Thank you so much Allison for writing! In terms of colour, I would say 'listen to your gut' for sure. Right now Im playing around with a lot of very dramatic colours of the Deep Winter Palette - and coming from a very earthy, natural TA palette, it is slightly overwhelming. I think that I'm going to try looking out for some more natural DW makeup looks and then compare them to the natural TA looks - I recently was talking to one of my Facebook friends who also loves colour analysis and I said to her that one of the biggest things to change my mind was that in comparison to other TA's my skintone seemed 'neutral' vs 'true warm' - I then started thinking that I've always been able to wear both silver and gold accessories well, that I 'do' look good in black and that Mahogany and burgundy shades have always suited me well - these are all 'Deep Winter' indicators, so I thought, why not try it - I think that once I start doing more natural DW looks, it will be more natural looking and therefore you'll be able to see a better comparison between DW and TA - can't wait to start playing around!
As for your colour analysis - Lora Alexander talks about a 16 season system on her blog 'Pretty Your World' - She says that there is a season called light toasty or almond spring (I cant remember exactly) for women who fall in between a light spring and soft autumn - I would read more into this - interestingly enough, Lora thinks I am a Deep Winter Soft - another of the 16 seasons, so you're right, the 'softer' Deep Winter shades will probably look the best on me!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: I strongly disagree: Jolie is not a Bright Winter. For example black looks harsh on her and make her look pale. She looks very elegant and harmonious in softer mid-tone colors.

I don't actually like analyzing celebrities because they are changing their outlook and natural coloring (hair, colored contacts, tan etc.) so much.