Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deep Winter Collage

I've been working on this deep winter collage - I used the picture from my 'Tribute to Dubonnet' post, as well as a photo from my childhood and a close up photo of my eye - I'm finding that the deep winter is actually quite harmonious with my natural colouring and I'm going to enjoy delving into the palette!  I know that a lot of people are used to seeing me in the true and soft autumn palettes - but I just can't away from the richness and strength of deep winter that I feel that I need - true red, burgundy, sapphire/royal blue, navy, black and white, charcoal grey - these shades have become my new neutrals and I embrace them fully - here is my newest collage in tribute to the Deep Winter palette:


Ancora Rejsy said...

Hello Renata! I love all you do in your struggle to find out the season. From what I saw, I'm sure you're on the warm side. You look stunning in your TA colours. In my oppinion MUCH better than in SA, not mentioning DA. For me all winter colours are out - they make you look older. The collages with your childhood photos show it best. As a child you were 100% warm.
However, I know it's all very confusing and I start doubting if PCA really makes sense. I also had my PCA done some time ago and it resulted in TA, but I'm not convinced with it. What's strange, when I'm wearing TA (or in general Autumn) colours, it's ok but no WOW, no compliments etc. I see, they work with my skin and eyes, but all is melted, the worst are the khakis. But when I wear black + ecru or very light cream - here the WOW comes. I can also wear true red (not tomato or poppy, more like blood). I look good in browns, but not the extremely warm. I can wear oxblood but also barn red.I look good in the french "mariniere" - navy and white. I look good in gold, but white pearls too. Here come the compliments. But not all DA colours work. So - I doubt it's possible to classify a human being within 12 types.

Renata said...

Thank you so much Ancora - I really appreciate your feedback - after my continued search and playing around with shades, I'm definitely back to the autumn shades, but haven't decided on warm/deep autumn! :)