Sunday, October 11, 2015

Deep/Dark Autumn Lipsticks

Regardless if you follow colour analysis theory at all, there is something to be said about finding the perfect seasonal hues.  I absolutely love autumn colours and makeup, lipsticks in particular.  I decided to swatch my three favourite shades.  Two are my 'go to' everyday shades (Taupe and Taupe by MAC) and one is a deep, rich, red shade that is absolutely 'glorious'!!!

MAC Taupe:

MAC Taupe is your classic 'cinnamon' shade.  It's described as a muted taupe red by MAC, but it's so much 'more' than that.  This is the perfect everyday polished up, classic lipstick - it applied matte and it looks perfect with any warm toned makeup or neutral outfit.  I 'adore' this lipstick!!!

MAC Touch:

Touch is my absolute favourite lipstick (which is crazy for me to admit because I adore lipsticks), but when it comes to a swipe and go colour, this is it for me!  One of the reasons that I love Touch is because it's a 'lustre' formula/finish.  When you first apply it, it's often more intense, but as the day goes on, it perfectly adjusts to your natural lip shade.  

And when it comes to an elegant evening look, nothing beats NARS Fire Down Below:

This is seriously an uber SEXY shade!  It's the perfect deep burgundy, oxblood lipstick.  It's a very luxurious and rich shade and needs to be worn with confidence and respect.  Be prepared to get complimented and feel very 'chic' when wearing this lipstick, especially when you pair it with a little black dress and some elegant accessories!!!

These are currently my go-to favourite lipsticks - I think that if I could only have three, I'd choose these.  The only shade that I would include to really make my lipstick wardrobe complete is a true red lipstick.  I'm currently in the process of deciding which is my absolute favourite!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, would you mind sharing where you got your color palette? I've never seen one like it in states. Thank you in advance. :)

Renata said...

You can order it from this website: