Saturday, October 31, 2015

Going, Going GREEN (Warm Autumn Style)

During my most recent colour analysis draping, I discovered for the first time one of my 'Power' colours.  Just a few days ago, I was draped in the 16-seasonal colour types.  With 100% certainty, I am a WARM Autumn (not a 'true' autumn), WARM!!!  I was finally able to see the difference between the two and realized the muted, neutrality if True Autumn vs the Medium Chroma clarity of the Warm Autumn.  I think that I'll be writing another post just on this subject.  Since WARM came out the definite winner, I began to see why I liked certain Spring colours, especially the greens, teals and turquoise shades.  I will say right now that the Warm Spring didn't work only because anything 'too bright' created a sallow look - it the Warm 'Medium' Clarity that I needed.  There were only a few (literally 3 or 4) drapes out of the true autumn that were also included into my palette, but EACH and every one of the Warm Autumn shades was 'perfection'.  In terms of a customized palette, mine looks very much like a 'clear autumn', warm autumn leaning into spring hybrid with a few true autumn accessories.

Getting back to my POWER colour - GREEN!!!  The true green, light true green and warm emerald shades were my absolute WOW colours. Everytime I was draped in a true, warm green shade, both the analysis and I almost automatically said 'I love this' at exactly the same time.  It was 110% apparent that this colour was 'amazing' against my skin:

I realized that I'm 'green with envy' over my own palette and really need to start wearing this colour more often.  Now that I know that this type of warm-medium clarity works so well, I'm not going to be afraid to create new warm autumn colour combinations.  It's time to 'green it up'!!! :)

I found a photo of a dress in this lighter, warm true green shade (  I would have walked by a dress like this before, but now, I see how majestic it is and how perfect it is as part of the Warm Autumn palette, especially in my own personalized palette:

As you can see, my personalized WARM AUTUMN palette includes so many amazing shades of true and warm greens - I'm feeling very 'blessed' to have been draped in the 16 seasonal palette types.  I've never felt more connected to a set of colours before and its like colour finally makes 'sense' for the first time.  I'm excited to begin my Warm Autumn journey!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay... Bring on the warm autumn looks! Renatta, I am enjoying your blog and am wondering if you are considering doing a fashion aspect in addition to your makeup. Thanks for all of the information you provide.

Renata said...

THank you so much!! I haven't considered doing a fashion component, but I think that perhaps that may be a good idea! I've spent so much time trying to figure out my 'colours' that I haven't really taken the time to put style looks together. Now that I know my palette with 100% certainty, I can now start creating a wardrobe based on my best looks - Thank you so much for the suggestion :) It's much appreciated!!!