Saturday, October 10, 2015

MAC Creme In Your Coffee Lipstick

Creme In Your Coffee lipstick by MAC is quickly becoming one of my go-to everyday shades.  It's a very natural 'polished up day' lipstick.  I've been wearing MAC Touch and Taupe for my everyday neutral looks, but Creme In Your Coffee is definitely becoming a new favourite!

I really like the balance of warmth, depth and hue of this shade.  It works well with virtually every outfit I have and blends in very harmoniously with the rest of my makeup.  For this look, I started with using Copperplate eyeshadow on the lid and then layered Patina over the lid and into the crease. I later used Copperplate again when I mixed it with Smut eyeshadow to blend into my liner.  All the eyeshadows that I used are from MAC.  For the eyeliner, I went with a basic black shade from Annabelle and used Arbonne black mascara.  For the blush, I went with NARS Madly (one of the shades that I keep coming back to again and again).  Last but not least, I applied MAC Creme In Your Coffee!!!  


Megz said...

Yea, my all time favorite neutral!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I luv it when you also describe the colors within the lippy shades since it makes it easier to shop. Thank you.