Friday, October 30, 2015

Exciting News!!! I'm a WARM AUTUMN :)

This past Thursday - October 29th, I got draped in the 16 colour analysis system.  My draping was done by Jelena Heger - an amazing colour analyst in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  My analysis was 'very' in-depth, with every season being draped over me until the winning season became very apparent.  I will begin by saying that I am a WARM AUTUMN!!!  In the last analysis that I had done many years ago, I was draped as a 'True Autumn', but something was still a little 'off'.  It was determined in the 16 palette analysis, that the True Autumn palette was too muted, neutral and grey.  The Warm Autumn, on the other hand, was: warm, medium chroma, clearer and 100% perfect!!!

I recently wrote a testimonial for Jelena which I shared on her facebook page 'Unique to You Colour Consultation':

My experience with Jelena Heger provided me with a new found confidence and appreciation for the world of personalized colour theory draping. I have been draped twice before, but each time. I felt something or some part of the palette was ‘off’. Both precious times, I was draped as a ‘true autumn’, but Jelena saw what the others didn’t – I was in fact a WARM Autumn. When I met with Jelena, one of the first things that I noticed, is that she was genuinely interested in helping me find my best colours. She took the time to go over each and every drape from ‘all’ of the 16 seasons and really explained to me what was happening to my face as each colour was draped around me. The other analysts that I had seen, although leaning in the right autumn direction, didn’t provide me with the explanation I needed to understand my palette. Furthermore, Jelena ‘Customized’ my palette for me. There were a few shades from the true autumn palette that worked, but ALL the Warm Autumn shades worked. Jelena created a swatch fan for me that included ALL of my best shades. I really loved hearing Jelena’s amazing expertise, as she commented on each drape. I walked away understanding WHY the lighter, muted shades didn’t work and why true autumn didn’t work – it had too much grey/neutrality for me. I needed a medium contrast warmth, combined with the brighter autumn shades! It made so much sense to me why I was attracted to the sci-art warm spring palette – the bright warm greens and turquoise shades were some of my best and they were part of the Warm Autumn customized palette that Jelena made for me. I just wanted to personally thank Jelena for being so kind, authentic, truthful and helpful during the draping. If you live in or around Ontario (especially the GTA, Niagara or even if you’re near the Buffalo U.S./Canada Border), I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend going to see Jelena to get your colours done – she is truly amazing and a GIFTED colour analyst!!! Thank you once again Jelena!!!

I wanted to share one of the photos from the draping:

Here are some photos of my personalized custom palette:

These were the ONLY  True Autumn shades that worked - Jelena explained why the True Autumn didn't work:

 "One thing I would like to add about the True Autumn palette in relation to what you wrote is that the most low-chroma colours were too muted/soft for you. Addionally, there was a handful (bright oranges) that were too bright. The key point about Warm autumn is the medium chroma. Warm autumns do best in medium bright warm tones as opposed to extremely bright or soft colours and this was definently the case with you. In contrast, the neutrality of the neutral autumn tones did not work due to the coolness and these colours were pushing your skin to become more sallow, same with some of the true cool tones."

I am VERY happy with my WARM Autumn analysis and I really look forward to experiementing with some new looks.  Today I created a look that represented the best Warm colour palette colours from my draping - I am wearing Urban Decay gold toned liner, a blend of NARS Madly blush and MAC Sincere and the classic Chili lipstick by MAC:


Anonymous said...

Always knew you were some type of Autumn. These colors look very good on you.

Linda Viner McAllister said...

Renata, I have followed your journey for a while... right along with my own struggle to find my season. I was just draped a Warm True) Autumn as well. Our colouring must be so similar, or at least our reaction to the Autumn colours... so happy for you!
You look fantastic in those colours 'home' at last. Like me , we can now 'rest' in our palette and begin to let go and enjoy and discover all the wonder of who you are in these gorgeous colours! Congratulation, your perseverence and determination paid off.

Renata said...

Thank you so much Linda!!! I'm happy that we are warm autumns together!!! Stay tuned for many more posts :)