Sunday, November 1, 2015

THE Warm Autumn Lipstick!!!

Since being draped as a Warm Autumn and truly embracing my colours, I'm re-swatching certain shades that I used to play around with then I was wearing the autumn palette.  Wearing the WARM autumn palette is slightly different than the 'True' Autumn palette that I was previously draped in, so getting used to the difference is taking some time.  I've noticed that almost all the wearable lipstick shades in my palette are medium toned reds, oranges, orange-reds, true warm reds, warm salmon shades and even 'mahogany' reds, most likely best as a liner.  The difference between these shades and the lighter/softer shades of the true autumn palette is that my new 'nude/neutral' actually ISN'T a nude/neutral!!!  I'm realising that I need shades that have more of that warm red pop of colour vs a standard nude-beige shade.  I haven't really explored the warm pinks and salmon shades yet, they are probably going to be the closest I come to wearing a neutral shade.  However, what's I'm super pumped about is experimenting and finding the best orange, rust and red shades.  One of the swatches on my palette is a spiced orange shade and it's a perfect match to NARS Autumn Leaves lipstick (perfect lipstick name too :) ) - I think that taking the medium chroma into account, this is such a great polished work or everyday classic shade for the warm autumn:

Since I'm now wearing medium toned lipstick shades, I figure that a pretty, natural eye makeup look is in order - so I swiped on some goldmine eyeshadow by MAC with a blush brush, then used Urban Decay Scorch eyeliner - simple, classic, warm!!!  THe blush I used for this look is MAC Sincere, which swatches perfectly with the warm autumn palette as well!!!  I'm excited to finally find a look that is 'ME' - and understanding the warm autumn palette in relation to the true autumn palette that I used to wear, I feel so much more confident in knowing why I've always been drawn to certain shades and looks.  I'm going to call today's makeup look: "The look of freedom" :)


Anonymous said...

This is perfect!

Renata said...

Thank You!!!