Sunday, November 8, 2015

NARS Leslie Lipstick

I mentioned in my previous post that I am trying to see how my warm autumn palette fits into various systems, including David Zyla's archetypal system in 'Colour Your Style'.  I have determined that my best 'red', or as Zyla would say, my 'Romantic Shade', is a warmed mahogany colour.  It matches the mahogany swatch in my customized warm autumn palette:

I was able to find a few lipsticks that matched this shade, including MAC Brick-O-La and Polished Up, but my favourite match was NARS Leslie Lipstick - it had the perfect depth and chroma.  When I wore this shade out, I got multiple compliments within the first hour and really feel that when it's worn together with other warm autumn shades, it looks really polished and elegant:

I kept the rest of makeup minimal for this look because I really wanted the emphasis to be on this rich mahogany colour.  I used amber lights and soba mixed as eyeshadow (MAC), a touch of mascara and just a pop of MAC Coppertone blush.  :)  I feel that with my new customized warm autumn palette, I am finally at peace - the warm autumn swatches are all so harmonious and this colour journey can only get better and better!!!

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