Monday, November 2, 2015

Revlon Peach Me Lipstick

I've been playing around and discovering the orange-red shades of lipsticks lately and I wanted to see if I could find a warm, orange-peachy neutral shade - something that is still warm/medium toned, but not 'red'.  I decided to check out 'Revlon' and as soon as I saw 'Peach Me', something in my knew it would be a match to my palette.  I decided to buy it and was so happy when I discovered that it was indeed an 'exact' match to my 'Orange Spice' swatch:

This is a perfect example of a colour that I would have normally thought was more 'spring like', yet in fact, it's a warm autumn shade.  I like that this shade is a medium neutral, which is perfect for warm autumns.  It's amazing to me that before, I saw neutrals as being 'nude, beige, brown' etc, yet this spicy peach coral is in fact my 'perfect' neutral!  My eyes have really had to adjust to my new palette.  I'm learning to see colour in a whole new way.  So far, there have been a lot of wonderful yet unexpected surprises with discovering my new palette and determining what colour combinations with work together.  I didn't expect warm autumn to be this interesting of a season - and I have to say, I'm loving the medium-toned contrast look - makes so much sense as to why the light and soft warm shades just washed me out and did nothing for me.  Medium warm clarity is Warm Autumns best friend.  Here I am wearing the Peach Me lipstick by Revlon - I just have a swipe of NARS Madly blush on, a sheer wash of MAC goldmine shadow from this morning and some mascara :)  Please keep in mind that this pic is taken later on in the day, so that natural light is starting to slowly fade.  I can't wait to see this lipstick in all its glory during the day :)


amyvdh said...

this color looks lovely on you!

Renata said...

Thank you so much Amy :)