Sunday, November 29, 2015

Orange-Brown Lipstick Look

In my last post, I experimented with the Warm 'True' Red lipsticks.  One of the shades that I mentioned was NARS Red Square liner, which is a matte finish tangerine-red.  I really like Red Square on its own and mixed in with various reds, so I decided, why not pair it with some of my brown based shades to create an orange-brown shade???  I am VERY happy that I decided to do this, as it led me to create a colour that I now adore:

This orange-brown shade is a combination of the NARS Red Square and Chanel Antoinette lipstick.  NARS Leslie and Bobbi Brown Burnt Red are two other shades that I experimented with in combination with Red Square and both are equally as awesome.  One thing that I'm really gaining from all these experiments is which shades I want to settle on as my warm autumn go-to's.  This orange-brown lipstick combination is definitely right at the top of the list for a professional, everyday chic look!  I can't wait to try this shade with various orange-brown and rust fashion styles, scarves and accessories :)  I am so, amazingly HAPPY with the warm autumn palette!  Even though I got draped as warm autumn in the fall, each new look is like a magnificent Christmas present to myself :)  I feel blessed to be able to say that and to feel this amazing in own skin!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Would you also sometime be willing to experiment with some of,the drug store brands? Some of them can often be just as pretty and they are budget friendly, too. Thank you either way and enjoy your new palette... I know how fun it can be to be analyzed a new season that feels right, yay!

Renata said...

THank you so much for writing - yes, I already have some drug store shades lined up to try! I will be posting them soon!!! I really appreciate the compliment. I truly am loving the warm autumn season and I'm so happy I got analyzed in person again - my analyst was 'amazing' :)

Anonymous said...

This lipstick combination is very nice on you!

After a long search for a lipstick suitable for my skintone, I have just bought a Mac lipstick named "Nose for style" (limited edition) in the Mineralize Collection. It is described as deep claret red. On me, it reads rather bright (I only apply one layer, two layers would be too intense for my skintone, which seems to be quite muted).

On, this is what they say about "Nose for style" :
"It’s a muted, medium-dark coppery-red with warm undertones and a dusting of fuchsia and gold pearl. It had semi-sheer to semi-opaque pigmentation that applied evenly and smoothly. This was one of the better shades in the five released with this collection. It wore well for almost five hours and was hydrating while worn". It has Chanel Antoinette 406 as a dupe. On the lady who wears it, "Nose for style" doesn't seem "deep claret red" at all but reads as a somewhat muted brick red!

Anonymous said...

This color looks very nice on you. The color and depth suits you.

Renata said...

THanks everyone! I really do love this orange-brown shade too :) I'll have to check out the 'nose for style' - thanks for the recommendation