Monday, November 16, 2015

Chanel Antoinette Lipstick

Every time I find a lipstick I 'LOVE', I', always afraid that they are going to discontinue the shade.  I try to go out and find a 'back up plan' lipstick.  I recently wrote about finding my signature, all time favourite lippie 'Leslie' by NARS.  This past weekend, I walked by the Chanel counter and was pulled towards a particular shade.  I recognized it for some reason and the realized that it was very similar to 'Leslie'.  I swapped them side by side - Leslie is slightly more 'red' and a brighter shade of mahogany.  Antoinette, the Chanel shade, is still in the mahogany family but leaning towards the 'cognac'/orange-spice shade.  I thought, how perfect!  Now I have two lipsticks, in the same colour family - one I can wear 'everyday' and one is perfect for those polished, elegant evenings out!  I like Antoinette lipstick for day, since its slightly more brown-orange and goes well with all my Warm Autumn neutrals vs the NARS Leslie, which is more 'classic' and will look amazing with the brighter/more intense Warm Autumn shades like: tomato, all the WA greens, teal and hazelnut brown shades.  Antoinette by Chanel, has that cognac feel to it - its rich and elegant, compliments my hair colour 'perfectly' - exactly what I'm looking for in a day lipstick!!!

For this look, I'm wearing very minimal makeup, just some Scorch eyeliner by Urban Decay and Coppertone blush by MAC.  You can really see in this photo how the Antoinette shade pulls out both the mahogany and orange-spice shades vs Leslie by NARS:

Leslie is more of an intense mahogany, matte and has more of that classic/polished look which is great for 'day into night' or an evening event.  Either way, I'm SO happy to have discovered these two shades.  They are my go-to's - I've always wanted to have that feeling that I'm content and happy with a certain shade that really represents the BEST of me!!!

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