Monday, November 23, 2015

MAC Photo Lipstick

Every season needs their own 'deep' lipstick colour.  For the longest time, Burgundy and Oxblood have been getting all the credit.  However, the more I study the warm seasons, the more I'm loving a deep, golden hazelnut shade.  It's Warm Autumn's answer to a deep red lip.  My personal favourite is: Photo lipstick by MAC.  Photo matches my personalized Warm Autumn Palette:

I wanted to create a Warm Autumn look that is 'deeper' without it being 'deep autumn'.  I used a mix of soba and patina shadows in the lid into the crease, then used a medium brown shadow as a liner with an angular brush on the upper lash line.  I used NARS Madly blush in this photo, but wished I had used MAC Copperplate.  Madly is slightly too light and doesn't balance out the look as well as I'd hoped.  However, the feature of this look is definitely Photo lipstick.  It's a stunning deep toned lipstick which I look forward to wearing a lot more now that Winter is soon approaching :)  My next venture is to find the perfect Warm Autumn Red that leans 'red' - I already have a few matches going so stay tuned:


Anonymous said...

This color seems too heavy for your coloring, a little too dark.

Renata said...

Looking back, I agree, definitely too heavy - I reflected on the warm autumn palette and realized that WA's need medium tones vs dark/depth!!! I appreciate the feedback!