Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ginger, Cinnamon and Spice

Since having my true season revealed as 'Warm Autumn',  I'm wanting to really pay tribute to all that is unique about this season.  I gave a lot of thought to how I could create a very harmonious look.  I decided that adding a lot of warm to my hair would help create a better level of harmony with my makeup and clothes.  I have a wonderful stylist, Reanne. who works out of her home and is amazing with colour.  I brought my warm autumn swatch in and she just worked her magic.  I heard her say 'cinnamon, ginger, light auburn', as she was mixing my base colour.  I feel like my new haircolour sounds like the perfect autumn 'Latte' - ginger, cinnamon and spice :)

I absolutely adore wearing my Warm Autumn palette and I'm so happy that I got draped by Jelena Heger in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  I feel like my search to define myself is over and now my journey is about to take a new turn, to shed another layer where now I can rediscover everything about my personalized/custom colours.  I get to 'transform' myself within my own palette.

For this look, I'm not wearing any lipstick because I wanted to show the natural colour of my lips (which I have often misdiagnosed as 'pink', when in fact, it's a stunning mahogany shade and matches perfectly to my warm autumn swatch).  In fact, this shade would be my Zyla 'Romantic' shade - my perfect red - it harmonizes and matches the red tones already present in my colouring:

I have already found a few lipstick matches to this shade and will share those in another post.  However, for the makeup look I created, I wanted many elements of warmth to take centre stage: Coppertone blush by MAC, Amber Lights eyeshadow by MAC and Scorch eyeliner by Urban Decay!!!   I'm really looking forward to creating more warm autumn looks and also to explore/experiment with discovering my own Zyla archetypes and colours.  If you haven't yet discovered David Zyla, please check out his book 'Color Your Style' and his website: for more information about his colour system!!!  

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Jelena Heger said...

The new hair colour looks fabulous!