Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Custom Palette - Reflection!

I have been reflecting a lot on my colour analysis this past October.  I am SO happy with my colour palette.  It's taken me a while to come to learn about my colours and how they all fit together.  In fact, I'm still learning - I'm in the early stages of 'getting' it!  What I love the most about my palette, is the level of 'warmth' I get - I feel very 'cozy' with my palette!  I wanted to try to get a photo of my entire palette.  When I stepped back and looked at all the colours, it was apparent to me why I struggled to find my season.  There are so many palettes and so many analysts who have a different approach that it's easy to get locked into warm spring vs soft autumn vs true autumn etc etc.  I have always been attracted to the Spring/Autumn palettes.  I liked spring in particular.  Let me start by saying that I am not a spring and I now see the difference.  However, before, when I would have looked at this palette, the warm spring season would come to mind, especially the greens, light orange shades.  However, I am not a 'bright' season and I've come to learn (mainly from my correspondence with my analyst Jelena Heger) is that it's the medium chroma, warmth that I need in my palette.  I still have a lot to learn about warm autumn and I'm very excited for this journey to continue!!!  One thing that I've really come to understand as well, is the important of getting analyzed in person and to especially find an analyst who is able to create a custom palette.  I spent 'years' (as many of you know) experimenting with various seasons and looks.  I value that time because I learned a lot about myself.  However, I now feel truly confident and myself within my palette!!!



Nice colors :)
Maria V.

Jelena Heger said...

Love this! Thank you for posting!