Friday, December 4, 2015

Orange-Red Lipstick

Ever since I've purchased the NARS Red Square Lipliner, I can't stop experimenting with various combinations of colours.  More recently, I decided to combine one of my all time favourite orange shades: MAC Chili with the NARS Red Square shade.  I have to admit, that this is THE perfect Orange-Red shade - it's a combination that I think I'm going to wear more often!!!  So far in my colour journey, I have settled on a few shades that have now become my signatures: NARS Leslie, Bobbi Brown Burnt Red and MAC Chili.  I'm now in the process of experimenting with various combinations of these shades with different liners and lipsticks.   Here is my current creation of MAC Chili with NARS red square:

I wanted to keep this look warm and classic, so I used MAC Amber lights on my eyes and smudged Laura Mercier's Copper Brown eyeliner on the upper lash line.  I used MAC Coppertone blush and blending in MAC Goldmine shadow into the blush shade (I love blending in golden toned shadows into my blush - it just adds that little bit of shimmer without being overpowering and its nice to have a multi-use product).  Finally, I applied NARS Red Square lipliner and layered MAC Chili lipstick over top and Voila!!!  I'm really loving this look!!!

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