Monday, December 7, 2015

Natural Work Day Look

One of my favourite looks to create is the casual, natural workday look.  I've discovered that my best natural warm autumn shade is 'salmon/peach'.  I wanted to create a look that is very '5 minutes and go'.  Since I've been wearing more of the medium toned warm autumn red toned lipsticks to work, this is a nice change:

My main colour palette for this look, is warm salmon-peach and gold!  I used goldmine eyeshadow on the lid, peaches blush and ravishing lipstick (all MAC shades).  I also switched my mascara to a brown shade recently - Lancome Brun!

I think that variety is very important for day looks.  We can't be natural 'all the time', and we can't we overdone.  I've recently started to do my own research about what makeup looks are best for everyday.  I'm coming to understand that this varies with each person and each place.  For example, In Paris, Red is very chic for everyday with a natural eye.  In contrast, the 'le no makeup look' is also very chic.  For me, I think a day look needs to be functional - it needs to work with your daily life and also be able to transform easily into a 'day into night' look.  I look forward to doing some more reading about this topic - I'm always very interested in learning about looks and now I get to put a 'warm autumn' spin on it!

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