Sunday, December 6, 2015

Peachy, Warm Gold Makeup Look

I have inner-knowing that I'm 'fully equipped' to make my Warm Autumn makeup palette work to its full advantage.  I recently had the opportunity to stock up on some essential shades and 'cover all my bases' so to speak.  In terms of having a functional palette, I feel that I have certain 'base shades' that help bring everything together.  These shades help to anchor my looks!  What are they? The Warm Peach and Gold shades.  In my last post, I created a very nice and pretty 'peach and gold' look and in this post, I'm going to use similar shades to anchor in all my other favourite Warm Autumn shades.

For this look, I did a lot of mixing and blending of various peach/gold shades.  I started with the eyes, and combined NARS Galapagos eyeshadow with MAC Goldmine eyeshadow - I applied this blend to my lid and up into the crease and then used Goldmine on its own over the lid again before applying mascara.  For this look, I decided to try a brown mascara instead of my usual black.  For my blush shade, I went with MAC Peaches blush (this is becoming a new favourite).  The star of the show for me is usually always the lip shade.  I decided to blend NARS Leslie with Kat Von D 'Solo' lipstick - It's the perfect medium chroma warm red-peach shade!!!  I'm very happy with this makeup!  The key for me now is to turn my attention over to getting more Warm Autumn toned clothes - scarves and accessories in particular :)

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