Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Polished Up Work Look

A few days ago, I wrote a post about a natural, everyday work look.  This is sort of a part 2, however, instead,  I wanted to create a more polished look.  Some days you want a natural look, but you also want to take it up a notch.  I'm finding that now that December is here, there are a lot of after work parties and get-togethers.  Sometimes you just want a day look that functions for evening events as well.  I put this look together based on some of my most recent makeup finds:

The feature of this look is the subtle, shimmery eye and mahogany lip that matches my best 'natural flush shade'.  David Zyla who wrote the book 'Color Your Style', talks about this natural flush shade and refers to it as your best 'romantic' shade, to be used as your ideal red/lipstick hue.  If you pinch your finger, this shade will be revealed, check it out.  Here are my two romantic shades:

As you can see, I used not only the mahogany shade (as a lipstick shade), but I also matched the more warm peach shade to my palette and found the perfect blush!  I wanted to keep these two romantic shades in mind while creating this look, as they are perfect shades that already appear in my natural skin colouring and flush.  If you ever have a chance to read David Zyla's book 'Color Your Style', I highly recommend it.  Back to my polished work look, I decided to focus on creating a subtle shimmer with the eyes, so I blended a copper metallic shade (MAC amber lights) with a warm brown shade that also has some gold shimmer (NARS Galapagos).  I love the combined effect of a metallic shade with the Galapagos shadow - its my new go-to shadow combination.  I then added some brown mascara (I used the Lancôme Brun shade) and for the warm peach romantic blush shade, I went with MAC Peaches.  Finally, the mahogany lip is a shade by Chanel called 'Antoinette' - it's a mahogany shade with a touch of copper, which is perfect for my Warm Autumn palette.  What I like about using my personalized colour palette, is that each look that you create truly is elegant and polished.  Colour and colour choice really does make a difference in how your makeup looks :)

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