Friday, December 11, 2015

Orange-Brick Shade

I love finding lipsticks that act as 'mixers' - colours that you can apply and mix/blend into other shades.  I discovered a shade by Kat Van D called 'Solo' - it's a tangerine orange shade with shimmer and it blends in so well with other shades in the orange/red family.  Today I decided to blend it with one of my favourite hippies 'Chili' by MAC:

The combination of these two colours together created the perfect brick-red/orange shade.  Almost, the ideal copper-brick shade.  I kept my eye make warm and golden by blending MAC Goldmine with NARS Galapagos.  I also used Peaches by MAC as my blush choice - the warm peach shade works perfectly with the orange shades in this look.  I'm going to continue mixing and blending various lipstick shades - its such a fun way to create various new looks :)


Anonymous said...

This is a pretty Christmas/Holiday season look with the pine/forest green sweater and lippie. 👍🏼

Renata said...

Thank you!!! :)