Saturday, December 5, 2015

Solo lipstick - Kat Von D

There is something to be said about some good TLC and retail therapy.  In my case, my retail therapy always translates into Makeup!!!

I decided to browse around Sephora today and came across a very interesting and beautiful lipstick colour: Solo by Kat Von D.  When I first saw the shade, I thought, 'wow, someone has finally created the perfect lighter toned orange shade that isn't too bright or neon'.  It took some lipstick comparing to figure out that Solo is, in fact, a warm autumn/spring cross-over.  It's primary effect is 'warmth', which I really love.  When I got back home, I had to swatch the shade and noticed that it's the perfect match to the Warm Autumn 'orange'.  I decided to swatch it next to the light orange swatch so that you can see that it's not too light or bright, but the perfect 'warm' orange shade:

One that that came to mind almost instantly for me is just how perfect this shade will be to wear on its own and as a mixer/blending shade for other warm autumn lipsticks.  I'm so very excited to play around with this shade some more.  Today, I swiped it on as is - no liner or other shade - just Solo on its own (no pun intended :) )

I wanted to create a very 'warm' and copper-orange based look, so I actually blended MAC amber lights and goldmine shadows to create a blush shade, then applied the goldmine as a shadow and then some mascara.  The top that I'm wearing is not a warm shade, but I like how the blue is in contrast with the orange palette!

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