Saturday, December 29, 2012

Revisiting Bright Winter

I recently got some interesting and much appreciated advice to give 'Bright Winter' a try as a seasonal palette for myself.  Even before I got this anonymos advice, I'd been wearing colours like: greys, black and white, true red, royal blue and purple to work and getting a lot of compliments.  I also started wearing more burgundy and red toned lipshades and also got a very positive reaction.  Then when I read the suggestion to give bright wiinter a try, I thought, maybe this is a posibility for me.  Although I adore the True Autumn palette and really gave it a 'go' - there was always a little part of me that said 'wait a minute, you've always looked good in both gold AND silver jewlery' - I would sooner consider myself one of the 'neutral' seasons (leaning BOTH cool and warm) vs a 'true' warm - I think that this is why I played around with the 'soft' seasons so much, not so much because of the 'soft' element, but more because of the 'neutral' element.  There were also colours in the true autumn palette that I was 'missing' and that I knew looked good on me, as well as colours in the palette that weren't so great (I'm still not a green-mustard fan - sorry)!  Anyway, here is a little experiment with me playing around with the bright winter colours - would love to hear your feedback and suggestions:

Here is a photo of me wearing the bright winter burgundy lip and the bright winter seasonal palette in the background - here is the makeup I'm wearing in this photo:

I started with my basic face (mineral fusion foundation in olive, MAC NC 30 concealer and refined Golden Bronzer as powder) - I used MAC Raizin blush (my current favourite) and created a rich, earthy-chocolate look on my eyes - started with brule as my base, mixed soba and espresso and applied from the lid into the crease, lined my eyes with coffee liner and smudged embark into the upper lashline before finishing with black mascara (all MAC) - on my lips, I'm wearing MAC's mahogany liner with Diva lipstick!

Here are a few more bright winter makeup pics - not sure of the exact makeup, but I'm wearing black liner and mascara, fever blush by MAC and mahogany mixed with ruby woo on the lips (also MAC):

I am really liking the red lip on me and the royal blue is a colour I'm not used to wearing, but it seems to 'work' - I think I will experiement with Bright Winter a little longer and see what new makeup creations I can come up with!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, it is me again. Nice to see you are finding your "way". I hope you will find it. What is typical for a bright winter that looks good wearing very intensive, dark color or very soft (not medium!) bright colors and contrasts (!). So,please look at your photo from the last post (grey-white sweater and burgund lipstic) you looks perfect! It means, contrasts work for you! and there are only 2 seasons with conrasts: Clear Spring and Bright Winter (both are cold-warm). Here, all is very dark - you are missing that contrast so I think it isnt exactlly Bright Winter wearing. BW is very specific because of this 2 points and because of that you are missing deep autumn colors - it is make me more sure abut that you are BW - because you are missing dark and intensive tones. And one thing is important that BW it is: 80% cold and 20% warm in a tone... Otherway, try Soft summer too...:-) Looking for your diagnosis:-))

Fil said...

Renata, how beautiful these pics! I loved you in TAu and before that diagnosis, I was convinced you were BW. To my mind, these are two seasons that really suit red -- as you do. But if you also suit white, etc., ... Best to you in the new year and stay beautiful and inspiring.

Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Dear Renata,
It's fun to experiment, and I understand very much myself how restricted one can feel within the confines of ones 12 tone diagnosis. Sometimes I feel bland and boring being a soft summer. But then I try to remember that the strength we so desperately seek is inside of us, not outside. The most important thing about our colours is how they enhance our skin. In doing so, they automatically bring forward our eyes. If you could only see how beautiful you looked to the eyes of others in your autumn colours, whether they were soft, warm or dark, though especially warm, you would see that you have plenty of choices, and an abundance of beauty, both inner and outer for all the world to see. In these brighter cooler colours, the effect is quite jarring, making your features seeming more disconnected, and your skin overly pale. It seems as though you are getting ready for battle against some silent enemy- like you are trying on an armour of cold, shiny steel. Please don't underestimate how your natural warmth could blast those dark clouds away just as effectively! I hate to be the one to contradict you, but you weren't missing a single thing in your autumn colours, and for every theory we put out there, there will always be someone who will agree- that doesn't make it the truth. When you had your colours done, was there something about the person who did it that didn't inspire confidence? You are perfect as you are, and your soft, soothing warmth is one of your best assets! You don't need much at all to be stunning, I wish you could see that. Bright, cold contrast on you is like driving home a point that has already long been made: that you are a strong, fantastic, beautiful and inspiring woman, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

FloridaLady46 said...

Hi Renata,
It's not fair that you look stunning in all your photos no matter the season. But to my eye, the Autumns seem right. With my very little analysis knowledge, it seems that TA & SA would not both work because it does not flow that way, but somehow they do on you.
Don't forget to try different seasons clothing without makeup first. Makeup can disguise a not-so-great color. Best wishes on your journey and Happy New Year. Donna

Anonymous said...

I know my opinion will be quite unpopular, but I like you so much better in cool colors! I think it fits your coloring better than the very warm colors of True Autumn. You might have an Autumn-influence, but my overall impression of your coloring is cool, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

Everyone's saying they like autum. You look great here. You suit clarity and contrast,but also some warm and neutrality. DA,BW,Clear Spring one of them could be it. Personally I think you might be a clear spring ,perhaps a BW I'd have to see some more examples to be sure though :)