Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long Live the Majestic Lipstick

I admit it - I'm a lipstick junkie! To me, lipstick is class in a tube!!! I've previously written about lipstick - but its a topic I could write about all day - everyday! There are so many beautiful colours out there, but its important to know what suits you.  Now that we're into the fall/autumn season, its time to take out those plum, burgundy and rich red shades. In this picture I'm wearing 'Milla's Plum' from Loreal. I'll soon be posting some pictures of some of my favourite fall lipstick colours, so stay tuned! Remember, the bottom line is class, sophistication and beauty - when you walk outside in that lipstick - heads will turn and people will say 'Who is that woman? She's so elegant'

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