Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scent of a Woman

Take any magazine and you'll notice at least 4 ads for a new scent out on the market. The ads promise that this new scent will make you the ultimate woman, will cause a rush of zurich bankers to be stop dead in their tracks when you walk by with that tantilizing scent - that you will be the envy of every woman!!! Then you get to the counter or open that flap in the magazine and its all the same, a pleasing scent, but nothing 'special'! When I was younger I tried Chanel and thought it was gross - however, while in France, I decided to give it another try - something really amazing happened - I grew into the scent! I've never had this experience - when I was young and imature, chanel number 5 wanted nothing to do with me. Once I became a lady and discovered that elegance and sophistication were important to me, its as if Chanel number 5 came running backing saying "Finally, you get it - now I can make you smell like a true woman". Sometimes elegant things don't suit us, until we truly become "Elegant"!!! Here's to Chanel Number 5 - the true scent of a woman - Thank-you for not giving up on me!!!

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