Friday, July 30, 2010

Fall Makeup Shades

Fall is one of my favourite seasons - I love how the leaves change colour to incredible warm, rustic colours.  I love everything about the autumn colour palette - rich olive shades, spicy orange, mustard yellows, chili reds, aubergine/eggplant purples and deep, luxurious teal tones.  I've been going to different makeup counters trying to get a sneak peak at their new fall makeup collections.  My favourite so far has to be NARS - their new fall 2010 lipgloss shade is fantastic - a great berry shade (it won't be out on shelves until late August, but it helps to be a makeup fanatic - you get to know the makeup sales associates quite well and having that relationship with the makeup artists at the store counters, gets you 'sneak peaks').  I'm also a big fan of NARS blushes - my favourite being 'Lovejoy'.  Now, I know its still July and I'm getting ahead of myself, but my colour season is Autumn, 'deep autumn' to be specific, so I often get excited when fall approaches because I know 'my' colours will be coming out of the woodwork!  Here are some of my favourite fall/autumn 'tried-tested and true' shades (by 'moi' of course) -

1) MAC lipstick in 'Chili' - I usually use MAC"s 'Auburn' lipliner with this lipstick - usually reds look best when your eyemakup is toned down.  However, I love wearing this lipstick with a rich bronze/gold smokey eye - its what autumn is all about!

2) MAC blush in 'Peach Twist' - This is hands down my favourite blush (next to Lovejoy of course) - it is a blend of warm peach and bronze and works well when paired with 'Stength' Lipstick by MAC

3) MAC eyeshadow in Sumptous Olive and/or Laura Mercier eyeshadow in Sherazade - both of these shades are in the rich golden-olive family!  I wear these shades all year round because they really make my green eyes pop - I usually line my eyes with MAC's Teddy Liner and then add some more olive-toned shadow to an angled brush and blend it into the liner (on the upper eye lid) - this really creates that defined, smokey eye that screams 'bombshell bedroom eyes'

Below is Laura Mercier's eyeshadow in 'Sherazade':

One of the key things about fall makeup is to not throw out your summer 'Bronzer' products just yet - in fact. if anything, they enhance the entire 'autumn' palette!  Secondly, if your colours are in the  'Autumn' and warm toned family - play up those spicy makeup shades even more, by wearing similar clothing colours.  Chili lipstick looks extra sexy when you wear a warm chocolate brown sweater or tomato red top.  If you have a rich-toned chocolate brown trench or jacket, take it out of the woodwork and create those bronze, sultry eyes!  For evening, play up the gold and amber shades - try 'Woodwined' and 'Amber Lights' by MAC - Both of these eyeshadows are great Autumn colours!!!

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