Monday, August 2, 2010

Style and Colour - The Hair I Want!!!

During my University days, my hair was on the short/medium side,  I remember one summer going to Europe and being mesmorized by how well European women dressed and looked.  I also experienced a moment I would never forget - I overheard a very well dressed gentleman say to his friend "A true woman always keeps her nails well groomed and should have long, flowing hair".  There I was, a nail-bitter, with short hair - if I could hide under the table at that moment I would have.  Part of me was 'hurt' by what he said, but a bigger part of me, desired to become this 'true woman' that he spoke of.  I think I made a decision that day - to grow my hair, stop bitting my nails and graduate to the 'European' sense of style!  I've been blogging lately about makeup and what colours I intend to wear in autumn, so I decided I would post a few pics of what I'm aiming for in terms of hair this year - my mission is to keep it long, but give it that sexy, wavy edge:

Gisele has the 'ultimate' sexy, wavy, long hair look!

I love how Julia Roberts hair is layered in this picture!!!

I love everything about this hairstyle - the modern Farrah Fawcett layers are so feminine and sexy!


Every fall I like to change up my colour - this past year, it was all about adding in the cooler shades of red (Burgundy, Plum tones, Reddish Brown shades).  This year, I'm really going to play up my 'Deep Autumn' colouring by adding richer, warmer, more auburn tones to my hair.  Audrina Patridge is a fellow 'Deep Autumn' and I love her hair colour:

Lately, Julia Roberts has been sporting the warm, golden blond tones to her hair, but I love her in the rich, autumn-toned red hair - here is another colour I'm considering for the fall:

I'll be keeping everyone posted on my new fall look once I've decided what I'm doing for sure - but make no mistake, it will be uber-sexy this year!!!!!!!!!!!!

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