Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Tribute to the colour Mustard

My tribute to the colour 'Mustard'

Mustard is one of my favourite colours!  It can be a bit of a tricky colour, as it doesn't suit all colour types.   My advice is that if you're a Deep Autumn or Warm Autumn, go ahead and celebrate because mustard is one of your power colours!!!  Mustard usually gets celebrated by the fashion retail world in the fall, but if its one of your colours, don't limit yourself to wearing it for only one season.  If you're not sure if mustard is a colour for you, but you love it anyway - go ahead and wear mustard toned accessories, gloves, purses, shoes etc and just make sure that you wear your best colours near your face to balance out the look!  Here is my little tribute to 'mustard':

I love how Diane Kruger isn't afraid to show how sexy mustard can be - I also love how she balances the warm, spicy yellow colour with an intense spicy red lip!!!

I love this purse - its a fantastic way to add mustard into your wardrobe without 'overdoing' it!

This mustard scarf is very chic for fall!

Shoes are another great way to add splash of colour!

I am in love with these boots!!!

This is a great example of how mustard doesn't have to be limited to the fall season - this is such a cute summer/spring dress!  Pair it with bigger gold hoop earings a few accessories and you're ready for a great evening out!!!

Deep Seasons, specifically Deep Autumns, looks great in a darker, richer mustard tone like Anne Hathaway is wearing in this picture!!!

I hope you enjoyed my short yet sweet tribute to 'Mustard'!!!  If you have any ideas for any future colour tributes, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Personally I think Anne Hathaway looks red and flustered in this colour, its far too warm for her and doubt shes a warm season at all, sorry, Trisha

Renata said...

Hey Trisha - more and more lately I'm loving Anne Hathaway in the rich berry red lipshades - i'm thinkng she is more of a deep winter - I created this post a while back! I used to think I was a TA, and was even draped as one, but now I feel I lean cooler as well - I'm most recently playing around with 'deep winter soft' one of the new 16 colour season types - but at the same time, I kinda feel like a colour nomad - i'm not placing myself in a category anymore, just going with what feels good, what I know looks great and what people compliment me on the most!