Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The 4 seasons with Celebrity Examples

I've been interested in colour analysis for a while now and the more I read about it, the more I'm really starting to 'see' which colour season a person belongs to.  Its really amazing when you're able to look at a person and literally see that they are an autumn (warm and spicy colouring) or a summer (light and cool).  I've decided to use some well known celebrities to give examples of each of the 4 main seasons (Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn).  Colour analysis is much more in-depth than simply classifying people into 4 categories.  However, I wanted to give a quick example of the 4 basic colour types and indicate next to each photo the diversity within each season.  Sit back and enjoy the journey into the 4 season colour palettes:

1) Summer:
When I think about the summer colour types, I automatically think of women who looks stunning in blue-gray's, powdery cool-pastels, light fucshia, orchid and light lemon yellow shades.  If you can rock the bluish-pink lipstick, you are definitely a summer!

Celebrity examples:

Bar Refaeli - Bar's light blue-gray eyes are characteristic of a summer colour type!

Here is a photo of the late Farrah Fawcett in her 'Charlie's Angels' days - her hair is ultra 'ash' blond - a hallmark of a summer!  Notice that there is no warm, yellow tones to her skin and hair (compare Farrah's colouring to Jennifer Aniston's and you will quickly see the difference between a cool and warm colour type)

Cameron Diaz - notice how Cameron always looks stunning in silver and very light tinged gold earings (most cool seasons look better in silver vs gold).  Also, look how fresh her makeup looks when she wears the pastels and goes for a sheer light pink lip - simply stunning!

When I think about women who belong to the spring colour type, I think: peach, light gold, coral and warm sand colours.  Springs come alive in warm toned pastels and look amazing in light coral and warm pink shades.

Celebrity Examples:

Jennifer Aniston is a classic Spring - notice how her hair has a stunning warm, golden glow (compare this to the picture of Farrah Fawcett and you will see the difference between cool/ash blond and warm golden blond). 

Lindsay Lohan is a classic example of someone who is a 'warm spring' - she is so lucky to be able to have natural warm, strawberry-reddish blond hair- yet, she always seems to colour her hair to colours that drain her natural warmth - as long as Lindsay stays in the 'warm' tones, she will sparkle!

Mischa Barton is another classic Spring.  She looks terrific when she adds warm, golden blond highlights to her hair.  Notice that in this picture, she looks great in the gold tinged lipgloss (compare this to Cameron Diaz's light pink lip colour and you will really see the difference between warm and cool lip tones).  Also, check out Mischa's eyes in this picture, when she wears the light gold colours of her palette, her eyes sparkle and you can pick up the natural goldish flecks in her eyes - its amazing what the right colours can do!!!

The ultimate winter woman was 'Snow White' with her ivory skin and black hair.  However, Winter is not limited to this colouring - many women who have a cool olive undertone are winters!  When I think of the winter woman, I think deep, cool, crisp colours - winter women can wear the most deep, dramatic colours and look fantastic!

Celebrity Examples:

Courtney Cox - I picked this photo of Courtney because it really shows how well a winter woman looks in icy blue - it compliments her black hair and stunning blue eyes.  

Catherine Zeta Jones looks amazing in her winter palette colours - especially the jewel toned colours of ruby, emerald, sapphire - she sparkles in her deep, cool colours!

Elizabeth Taylor simply 'glows' when she wears her winter colours - look at how fantastic she looks in red!  Elizabeth is an example of someone who is more of a 'clear winter' - she really sparkles when she wears the clear, bright colours of her palette!

When I think of the Autumn woman, I always think spicy and warm.  Deep burnt oranges, marigold yellows, moss greens and deep teal - all these colours are stunning on an autumn! 

Celebrity Examples:

Audrina Patridge looks terrific in her teal coloured dress!  Notice how her red lipstick has an orange/warm undertone and how well the gold earings compliment her colouring! Audrina looks the best in the deep, vivid shades of autumn!

Susan Sarandon - check out how well Susan 'owns' orange!  She is a true 'warm autumn' and really glows in the spicy, burnt orange/rust and terracotta shades.  

Rita Wilson - Rita is an example of an autumn that wears the softer autumn colours the best!  She is more of a delicate autumn that needs warm neutrals and light accents of autumns warmest shades!

I hope that providing you with some celebrity examples has helped you determine if you are warm/cool and which season you fall into.  Please remember, that there are many variations within each season -  colour analysis is not a cut and dry process.  However, I had fun with this post and I hope you enjoyed it as well!!!

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