Monday, April 1, 2013

Contrast FUN - Bright Meets Deep!

I am getting really excited with the notion of just playing around with different makeup shades, particularily 'contrasting' shades or contrasting levels of depth/brightness.  Today I decided to try going with a brighter teal/aqua eye and pair it with a deep, dark rocker-chick inspired lipstick.  I just decided to 'go with it' - these days I'm moving away from colour analysis and towards embracing my colour-gypsy self - or as I've said before, embracing my inner colour-nomad!  I learned a lot about myself with colour analysis, but now its time for me to become truely authentic and just have FUN with colour, break the rules a little - become a little bit more of a colour-rebel!!!  Check out the look I created:

For this look I started with Mineral Fusion Foundation and concealer - I skipped the powder, as I find that the mineral makeup tends to set into a smooth, powder-like finish.  I used Raizin blush my MAC (my current #1 favourite blush on the planet).  For the eyes, I started with Arena shadow as a base, then mixed Copperplate and Kight Divine and applied to the lid and crease (all MAC shadows).  I then used MAC's eyeliner called 'Mountain Air' (an amazing teal/aqua shade) and applied a very thick line to the upper lashline, while using Smolder on the lower lashline.  I used black mascara (one of the Benefit ones) and finished the look with a very deep lipstick Film Noir, mixed with Ruby Woo (also MAC).  I love the depth of this lipstick look - its such a Femme Fatale, deep blood 'red' shade!!!


Sonia Nirmala Devi said...

Dear Renata,
It's so nice to see you back! Love this look, it's FUN! Lot's of love to you :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I think you look amazing here. That blue eyeshadow is simply stunning, and I don't think many people could pull it off. I love the new, shorter hair too. Very chic!

Renata said...

THank you SO much for the compliments - I'm really enjoying playing around with the shorter hair and creaing new and Fun makeup looks - I really appreciate you writing - thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Are you okay? I understand you are going through some personal stuff and hope you are fine.

I have love follow your explorations with colour analysis. I think you found your season with true autumn. You are an inspiration in terms of your spirit of adventure.

For me though this latest foray isn't bringing out your best. The plum hair is too much and the make up too cool and dark. You are doubtless a colour chameleon but lately I think you have gone off beam in terms of your own personal beauty and elegance. However if this is just about doing what you fancy and not about the exterior than bravo! Hope you don't mind me giving my view.

Can I just say that you helped me find my season. For years I struggled to fit in to any category. I tried to be a winter, dyed my hair too dark and wore deep burgundy lipsticks. Because I was wearing the wrong colours my eyes just looked dull. I assumed that my eyes were grey. When I went to Mac they told me I have blue/green eyes and it helped nudge me in the right direction. Now my eyes look blue/green when I am in season. Seeing you have nearly the same eye colour as me and warm but dark hair and how fabulous you look in true autumn I explored that and I have received so

many compliments. So thank-you for all the time and effort you put into writing this blog and the wonderful make-up recommendations you make. Best wishes.x

Anonymous said...


I'd like to echo the comment by Anonymous. I've also learned a lot about cosmetics and colors by reading your blog.

There is so absolute right and wrong----and we all enjoy seeing the photos and reading about your color explorations.

But, it seems to me that you've crossed a line between sheer, joyful exploration and something else that is concerning.

I think that your truest expression of yourself is revealed through colors that are in harmony with your natural coloring. Anything else borders on self mutilation. Hope this is a passing phase.

I think current incarnation is too cool, too bold, not harmonious with you. JC

Renata said...

Thank you for the comments and honestly no worries, this is me just having makeup fun - I'm always in some kind of phase - lately I have coloured my hair to a darker cooler brown which I'm really enjoying and playing around with the cooler summer/winter shades - I like to think of myself as a colour nomad - I have a good eye for colour (as an artist) but I can't seem to settle on a season for myself - i get too bored and start craving the colours of the other seasons, so part of being authentic is listening to what calls my name - one day its a cool red lip, another day it may be a warm peach blush - I do agree that the best season is the one that is the most harmonious, but I question if its really TA for me? Would love to hear your feedback!!! Did you like SA or SSum on me? They are seasons I really enjoyed testing as well!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, I wanna see you in bright spring looks please! :)

Operation Green Shoes said...

I have several colors that work for me and I don't fit into just one season. I had my colors done by John Kitchener and he told me that I needed a variety of color because that is who I am. I can wear orange and pink. I have every color of the spectrum. Yes, I have limits - high contrast is a no go for me, too bright walks ahead of me into a room, and my version of dark isn't really that dark at all. I had over 120 colors given to me though, so now I don't set limits on myself because of season.

I am who I am. I am a vibrant woman full of variety, accomplishment, and beauty. I believe you are too. Look inside yourself and express yourself in whatever way you feel is right. I'm sure you have limits too, we all do, but don't be afraid to find what those color limits are. Good luck my friend!

Melinda W

Renata said...

Thank you so much Melinda - Kitchener makes a lot of sense and I can myself being a lot like you, where I can wear a lot of different colours - I'm currently wearing a lot of the deep winter shades and know I look good in both black and chocolate brown and also pumpkin orange and magenta - I love how you wrote "I am who I am" - thats so inspirational for me - thank you SO very much Melinda for writing and sharing this with me!!!

Renata said...

Anonymous - I haven't revisited bright spring for a while, but I absolutely LOVE that palette - thanks for the idea, it would be fun to test out the corals and clear reds again!!!

weirdcolor said...

Renata, I have to say that your eyes are definitely gorgeous.

Renata said...

Thank you so much for the compliment!!! :)