Monday, July 28, 2014

MAC Del Rio Lipstick

WHen it comes to the summer, most people tend to do a makeup look that's lighter, brighter, fresher - this look just seems to compliment the weather so perfectly. I decided to do something a little bit different! This summer, I've been experimenting with deep plums and reds. Here's how it all started - I walked into MAC a few weeks ago and I was on a mission to find that perfect summer lipstick - fresh, a little more on the pink or coral side, but something just didn't 'feel right' - these shades were pretty, but something was 'missing' - the makeup artist then had a 'a-ha' moment and said "Try This" - she handed me 'Del Rio'. I looked at the lipstick and said 'no way' - 'that's way too plum and way too dark for summer and for me' - then I heard the words "Trust me" and so I did - I swiped on the lipstick, thinking this isn't going to 'work' and then I stood back and had my own 'a-ha' moment - the colour was 'perfect' - for me, for summer, for any occasion that I want to look elegant without going for a bold, bright lip. The LESSON - don't dismiss a colour just because it doesn't fit into the 'rules' or 'seasonal stereotype' - why do browns and plums 'have' to be worn in the fall? or red reserved for evening? Sometimes we look at magazines and fall into the trap of wanting to look like one of the models - maybe you're in awe of the model wearing a light pink gloss, but perhaps on you, that vampy burgundy is YOUR own personal ticket to seducation! Makeup is all about embracing your own personal elegance, not what the fashion magazines tell you, but what looks 'amazing' on YOU!!! Here are two looks that I created with my new Del Rio purchase. One is using more natural shades on the eyes (browns and golds), while the other is playful and more colourful - with blues and silver shades on the eyes:

For this first look I used an eyeshadow quad by Dior #708 - Amber Design - its been my summer staple! I love being able to mix the lighter golds with the more shimmery browns and then blending in the shadows and layering onto my eyeliner - in this photo I blended the medium brown shade into MAC Smolder eyeliner and finished with black mascara. I did a light sweep of MAC 'Love thing' mineralize blush and finished with Del Rio on the lips!
I had so much fun with this look - I took the photo with a green sweater, but ended up wearing a 3/4 sleeve black top and I felt so 'awesome' - I started with NARS Lhasa shadow on the lid into the crease, then layered MAC Electra on lid, Blooz eyeliner smudged with contrast shadow (also MAC), Black mascara (I used a new YSL sample that I got from Sephora), MAC dessert rose blush and Del rio lipstick!!! This summer - break the rules a little bit - try a few looks that aren't 'typical' - you'll be so surprized at how well a deeper lipstick shade can compliment your summer look and you'll be 'stand out awesome' at your next party!!! Trust me :)

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