Monday, February 2, 2015

Chanel Captivante Lipstick - A Lost Treasure!!!!

Today started off being a very interesting day - Toronto was in the midst of a snowstorm - the schools in my area were closed and being that I'm a teacher, I got a 'snow day' :) - It was the perfect morning and afternoon - I made pancakes, stayed in my pyjamas all day - watched a marathon of movies! I also went though my makeup case and rediscovered some shades I had forgotten I even had. One of these shades was Chanel Captivante. It was a lipstick I wore to one event, then it somehow got 'lost' in the jumble of my other lipsticks. When I took a close look at the shade, it 'wowed' me - its honestly the most perfect rose-copper-neutral shade. It's quite a stunning shade to say the least. Upon further examination, it seemed to harmonize with my other makeup shades - I realized, Captivante was held 'Captive' Wayyyy too long!!! This lipstick is going to be worn - its getting its 'get out of jail free' card! I actually really look forward to building a few more looks around this shade. In this photo (I'll call it my 'snowed in' look) - I used a mix of MAC shadows: soba and amber lights on the lid into the crease, Marcelle dark brown liner smudged with MAC saddle and black-brown mascara. I used a blend of MAC Gingerly blush and Chanel 'Candy' (another stunning shade I rediscovered)! I finished off the look with Captivante!!! Sometimes you need a snowday to remind you of the jewels that are hidden - the diamond in the ruff!!! I'm almost starting to think that there is something very metaphorical and symbolic about this find!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Chanel lipsticks are pretty pricey... Are they really great in terms of lasting power and pigmentation? What makes them so high quality?

Renata said...

THats a great question Anonymous - yes, they are pricey - I agree on that. What I love about Chanel shades is that they are multi-layered - its like 5 different colours in one plus the slighest hint of metallic shimmer - you never get a straight up pink or plum - its always like brownish-pink-plum-mauve with a slight gold undertone or you never get a straight peach - its like a copper-coral-brown shade etc - their shades are so unique, As for staying power - on my, they last a long time - and then when the colour does start to fade off your lips, it morphs into a stunning shade yet again! In my opinion, its worth having at least one Chanel lipstick!

Margo said...

Nice to see you back, Renata! It was interesting to watch your journey to the world of color. I think this blog is useful not just for you but for other readers as well. The problem is only your present photos. Quality of them is poor.