Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fully Embrace Your Colour Palette!!!

Fully embracing a colour palette and stepping into a season is different than just experiementing with different seasons. There is a certain level of commitment that comes with fully embracing a new look persona. In welcoming back the warm/true autumn palette, I decided that I wanted to celebrate this new 'colour commitment' with a hair colour change. My hair has always had a subtle warm/slightly golden undertone, but I wanted to step into the copper/copper-blonde and uber-warm brunette shades. The stylist I went to see had such a great eye for colour and she literally read my mind. She knew I wanted something warm, rich, but leaning towards the copper family. She and I discussed a new base and we went with a medium toned copper-brown base. The highlights she did were in the copper-blonde family and she mentioned that they would morph into a warm pure light copper shade. The photo here is day after I got the colour done, so the highlights appear slightly lighter then how they will eventually look. I can't help but ask myself why I waited so long to do this? Embracing the wamrth of my palette and truly bringing it to every aspect of my style persona has been the missing peice of the puzzle. WHen all the emelents come together in colour harmony/unity, you really get to see the full effect of colour analysis. Its about wearing your colours in your clothes and accessories choices, finding a harmonious makeup look in your colours and embracing a hair cut/style and colour that brings everything together. Adding elements of personal style to your colour persona helps this harmony fuse together so perfectly. If you know your colour season and already have some clothes/accessories/makeup put together, don't stop there - embrace a hair colour that will compliment your palette, literally bring your palette to life head to toe - you will see the effects of truly embracing your season!!!


Renata said...

Just to add to this post, the makeup I'm wearing is the following:

MAC concealer palette
Laura Mercier Oucher Tinted Moisturizer mixed with Revlon Golden Beige foundation
Coppertone blush MAC
Soba + Amber lights on lid into the crease (MAC)
Urban Decay Bourbon eyeliner smudged with MAC's Saddle shadow (saddle was used on the brows as well)
Loreal Voluminous mascara in Black-Brown
Revlon Copper Chrome Lipstick

Amy said...

Wow, you look stunning! Thanks for sharing

Renata said...

Thank you so much Amy!!!

Anonymous said...

kinda off topic, but do you have any tips for how to pull off frost or shimmer lipsticks? I'm an autumn too, but when I put on frosty lipsticks even in the right color, I just can't stand them on myself. Any secret magical tips on how they always look so great on you? :-)

Anonymous said...


I hope the man in your life appreciates all the effort you putting into looking beautiful.

Renata said...

Hi Anonymous - thank you so much for your compliment!

For the second question written by 'anonymous' - yes, I do have some 'tricks' when it comes to using 'frost' colours - first, I would try finding a matte shade similar or lighter to the frost shade and blending the two. Another trick is to use a lipliner shade and layering your entire lip with the liner, then applying the frost. The lipliner trick is my favourite and if you find the right combination of liner/lipstick, you'll really like this trick. Sometimes its a matter of just mixing and matching various lipsticks/liners. I would not suggest layering gloss over the frost, it will make the frost 'more' pronounced! Also, stay clear of hidden frost tones in lipliners (sometimes, it a subtle shimmer, but it still impacts the look of the lipstick)! Hope this was helpful!!!