Thursday, April 23, 2015

Personalized Palette

I decided to try a little experiment and take a close up pic of the colours that naturally exist in my eyes and natural lip colour.  I wanted to first see if this would help me discover a certain colour palette pattern.  Did the natural colours in my eyes fit with the blues/greens of the soft summer, true summer etc etc.  Its amazing to me how we can overlook our own 'personalized palette' - and how its important to return to use colours that our 'best'.  In this sense, I'm not talking about 'colour analysis' - I'm talking about 'Self Analysis' - I'm talking about taking the best colours within YOU and creating your own palette thats perfect for you.  What I'm noticing is that I fall somewhere between a Soft Summer and a Deep Winter - does this mean that I'm a Soft Summer 'Deep' or a Deep Winter Soft - I'm not sure yet - but I'm okay with that because instead of studying the colour palettes, I'm starting to study myself!!!

Here is a little taste of the colours that are 'ME' - the blues/greens are a digital close up of my natural eye colour and the pink is the colour of my natural lip/gum shade (also a digital close up)

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