Saturday, April 2, 2016

Salmon and Coffee Browns

I've been creating a lot of cooler toned makeup looks lately and today I really felt like warming things up a bit.  I recently got a lipstick colour 'Legende' by Chanel - it's the perfect salmon-rose shade.  For this look, I wanted more of a rust-salmon shade, so I used MAC chicory lipliner before applying the lipstick.  I then used MAC Coffee eyeliner and smudged out the upper lash liner to create a very smokey look.  I think this is a very nice evening, warm look:

I think that browns and coffee/espresso shades pair very well with salmon and rust shades.  The combination is truly unique yet chic at the same time.  I really love the Chanel Legende lipstick because its very pretty on its own as a warm pink shade, but it's also great blended with various lip liner shades.  Soon I'm going to be adding some highlights to my hair.  I'm not quite sure yet what shade I'm going to add, but I know that regardless of my hair colour, the neutral elements of brown and salmon will always work :)

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