Friday, April 1, 2016

Chanel Legende Lipstick

I noticed a few days ago that I was almost out of one of my Chanel lipsticks (Mademoiselle).  I had every intention of picking up the same shade until my eye kept gravitating towards the Legende shade.  I asked to try on the colour and it was 'love at first try'.

I would describe this shade as a medium neutral pink lipstick that leans slightly warm.  What I have always loved the most about Chanel lipsticks is their texture and consistency.  I can see myself making this one of my everyday polished work lipsticks.  It looks great with both cool and warm makeup and it's perfect for this upcoming spring/summer season.  I paired this shade with my new Urban Decay Desperation eyeliner (which I smudged with Quarry eyeshadow on the upper lash line).  I also used NARS Mata Hari blush to add that pink glow :)  

I think that Chanel Legende may just be the first Chanel lipstick that I picked out without asking/needing the help from the Chanel makeup artist.  I don't know why but often I like to visit makeup counters as if I know 'nothing' about makeup, just to see what the other person will recommend for me.  It was fun at first, kind of like being a makeup 'secret agent' :)   However, now I know what I want and I don't wait to hear what someone else thinks, but rather follow my own intuition!!!

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