Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cool Winter

Ever since I embraced colour analysis, I've been drawn to learning as much about my season as possible - its always nice to have celebrities that you can compare yourself to, especially when it comes to choosing clothes and makeup options.  Some 'Cool Winter' celebrities are Jennifer Connelly, Shania Twain, Lauren Graham, Sophia Bush, Brooke Shields and Catherine Zeta Jones.  I want to post some of my favourite pictures of these celebrities to show what type of makeup really makes a cool winter stand out and sparkle- if you suit the 'Cool' toned colours, this post is for you:

Jennifer Connelly:
Jennifer is a true winter, with the darkest ash brown hair and striking cool-green eyes.  She looks amazing in the cool winter colours and looks especially good when she wears her power colours: red, emerald green, all different shades of blue, pure white and black.

Jennifer looks so fresh and vibrant in the true white.  Her makeup is really natural in this picture, but still using the cooler light pinks and taupes.  Her skin-tone really shines with the pure white sweater!!!

I love the smokey eyes on Jennifer - she's wearing the true dove grey shades on her eyes and her lips are a soft fucshia shade - perfect for cook winters - This is the perfect going out look for Jennifer - very classic and sexy!!!

Cool winters 'Rock' the Fucshia/True Red lipstick look - here Jennifer shows how easy it is to wear a deeper fucshia shade, especially when you keep the rest of the makeup more natural - this is a true 'classic/sophisticated' look - very chic!!!

Lauren Graham:

Lauren is another classic winter that verges on the 'Clear Winter' border - her eyes are quite clear, but she looks really stunning in the cool and true shades of winter:

I 'Love, Love, Love' this makeup look on Lauren - its soft and elegant - her eyes are rimmed with black and her lips and cheeks have that healthy light mauve/pink tone to them - this is the perfect 'natural' look for cool winters!!!

Red lips look fantastic on a cool winter - Red and Black is one of my all time favourite combinations (ever since I was a child, i loved this combo - be it for clothes, makeup or decorating) - I think that the red lips and black dress combo is 'Uber' Sexy!!!

I think that this is a very striking photo of Lauren - the look is a very elegant urban-chic!  I love the diamond studs and the thicker collar on the jacket.  Soft White or 'Winter' White is one of my favourite colours and its a great neutral shade for cool winters - I think every 'winter' woman needs a soft white sweater or jacket in her closet.  One of my favourite aspects of this photo is Laurens lipstick - its a true raspberry shade - reminds me of YSL #9 (rose stiletto)!

Shania Twain:

When I think of Shania in the music video 'Up', I automatically think 'Cool Winter' - her makeup in that video is a classic example of a trendy look for cool winters - I love it!!!

Brooke Shields:
I think that Brooke has always looks fantastic in the cool colours of winter - red, greys, pure white and black have always suited her - check out this photo (notice that the background of the photo is a beautiful shade of fucshia, another cool winter colour - it compliments Brooke's Makeup and Charcoal top)

Sophia Bush:
Sophia always looks great in the 'One Tree Hill' episodes - she has that 'cutsy' look and her winter shades really bring out her best features.  Sophia is a classic example of someone who can get away with some warmer shades as well, but the cool toned colours really make her 'glow':

Check out how the lavender/plum eyeliner really bring out the cool sparkle in her eyes!

The top Sophia is wearing in this photo is a classic 'winter' two-toned top - the silver/black combo is amazing against her skin-tone and her makeup is beautiful - smokey eyes with a light pink lip - the perfect winter makeup combo!!!

Catherine Zeta Jones:
In many ways Catherine should be the poster woman for 'Winters' - she looks absolutely 'Stunning' in the Cool Winter shades, making her a 'True' Winter:

I love the light grey tones on Catherine - it softens her look while still being in the 'cool-toned' family - this is a terrific neutral shade for her and her soft makeup compliments the grey perfectly!!!

Catherine looks phenomenal in the jewel toned colours - I love how her face shines in this bluish-purple top!!!

My favourite look on Catherine is the smokey eyes and deep, dramatic red lips.  Most women are cautioned to do a more neutral eye when they wear red lips, but Catherine is one of those lucky women who looks amazing with a very dramatic look - in fact, the more dramatic the better for Catherine!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post - if you're a true winter or look great in cool toned colours, I hope this post inspired you to try some different colours and looks!!!


Mary said...

I loved it. It was very helpful and exactly what I was looking for.

Renata said...

Thanks Mary - I'm glad that you enjoyed it!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Jennifer have warm green/gold eyes tho!? I thought she was more in the autumn spectrum.