Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has the ultimate hair, makeup, body - everything!  Men love her for her curves and volumptuous body and women love to copy her smokey eyes!

Kim has that middle eastern 'allure' - she has great almond shaped eyes and looks fantastic in her deep winter shades!  I love when Kim wears the cool, crisp colours of winter!!!

I love this picture of Kim - she looks so 'glam', just like a 1950's pin up girl - Usually Kim goes for the smokey eyes and pale lips, but this look really works for her too!!!  I think there is something very seductive about red lips - she looks 'amazing' in this true blue-based red - it really works well for her complexion!!!


This close up picture of Kim really shows how stunning she looks with smokey eyes and pale lips - I love how the colours she uses are soft, even with her deep colouring.  For some reason, the intensity of the eyes balance so well with the soft pink shades of blush and lipgloss that she wears.  FYI - numerous websites have states that Kim loves the following MAC products:

Pink Swoon Blush
Print and Carbon eyeshadows
Angel lipstick
Stripdown and Subculture lipliner

I love how Kim's skintone is really tanned in this photo - her coral lipstick colour choice is 'Perfect' for her tanned skintone.  Coral is a fantastic colour, but it is extra stunning on women with a deep olive skintone - its the perfect combination of pink and peach!!!

Kim really knows how to "work it" - she's got the walk, the talk, the seductive glance!  I enjoy seeing Kim experiment with different makeup looks - she suits many different looks, styles and colours (but looks particularily great in her deep winter colours).  Cheers Kim!!!

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