Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tribute to Burgundy Lips

Burgundy lips are sexy and seductive!  I will always remember the scene in 'Moonstruck' where Cher comes out of the taxi to meet 'Johnny' at the Opera - her hair is raven black, her dress is stunning and her lips are oozing with burgundy sexiness - in the movie she has just had a makeover and this is her 'Ta-Da' moment:

Every since watching Cher having her self-realization moment in this movie, I've been a fan of Burgundy lipstick - the best thing about this shade is that there are many different variations of it - everything from a deep/blood toned burgundy to a lighter plum/orchid burgundy:

Jessica Alba looks fantastic in this burgundy shade!

Kiera sports the deep, dramatic burgundy look!

Even though this is a computer-graphic picture, I love the burgundy harmony of the hair, lipstick and sweater!!!

This is the perfect burgundy shade for blonds or women with lighter skin tones - its more of a raspberry/plum burgundy shade!!!

Olive skinned women look stunning in a deep fucshia type burgundy!!!

Women with deeper skin tones look great in a deep blue toned orchid shade - MAC makes a great colour called 'Amourous'

This is one of my favourite shades of burgundy - a deep brownish-burgundy looks stunning on brunettes and women with a medium skintone

If True Red is not your thing, but you still want that deep, dramatic look for lips, give Burgundy a try, you won't be disappointed!!!

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