Friday, October 29, 2010

Smokey Eyes

When it comes to eye makeup, there is nothing sexier than creating the smokey eye look!  The smokey eye in the 90's was all about dark grey/black shadows and liners.  Since then, the smokey eye can retained its appeal, but there is more variety and choice.  The smokey eye can still be dramatic or it can be subtle and soft.  Here is my tribute to the smokey eye look:

I love the smokey eyes on this model - its deep and dramatic, but still subtle - the earthy tones add warmth, while the black liner on the bottow lash line, adds drama - beautifull!!!

Arabic and Middle Eastern Women are known the world over for their sexy, almond shaped eyes - which are the PERFECT canvas for smokey eyes (just think Kim Kardashian) - Also, the olive skin tone of most middle eastern women allows black liner to look stunning versus over-done and goth like - instead, the black is sexy and stunning!!!

I think this look is amazing on women with a cooler skin-tone - the blue-grey shadows looks very striking against cool blue and grey eyes or a cool hazel eye (i.e. grey-green-blue combinations).  Using blues for a smokey eye can get tricky with some skin-tones, you don't want to look like someone punched you out - instead, you want your eyes to look striking and cat like.  If blue is not your colour, try going for an earth-toned smokey eye (check out the first picture)!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this makeup - the magenta and fuchsia tones are so exotic and dramatic against this models skintone - she is obviously a winter and looks fantastic in the cool, clear colours.  The smokey eyes are played up with the fuchsia toned blended into the dark liner and shadow!!! Amazing!!!

No matter what type of smokey eyes you choose, remember that the key element of the smokey eye is to 'blend' and 'smudge' - these are two code words every women should remember - the smokey eye is not about distinct lines - its about creating a smoldering, smudged look!!!

The smokey look is about confidence and saying to the world that you are not afraid to show off your sexy eyes, because, as the saying goes, the eyes are the seat of the soul and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder - so go sultry - enjoy playing around with creating different smokey eye looks and don't be afraid to play around with colour!!!!!!

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