Sunday, April 15, 2012

300th Post!!! Lessons Learned and Future Dreams...

I've made it to 300 posts!!!  Hurray!!!

I wanted to make the 300th post an interesting one, so I decided to write a little bit about my adventure to embacing my true self.  I'm currently reading Anthony Robbins book about awakaning the 'Giant Within'.  His book covers a lot of topics about behaviour, emotions, our dreams, values, what we attract etc etc - and it made me realize that the journey that we all embrace is really one of personal growth and development.  My journey on this blog has been about trying to embrace the 'beauty and elegance' within me and sharing it with others in hopes of inspiring others to find their 'own' inner beauty.  In many ways, this blog is has become my personal diary of finding my own sense of style, colour harmony and my journey into pursuing my passion for makeup and makeup artistry.  I hope that in the next 300 posts I do, you get to see an even greater sense of evolution within my journey.  I want to personally thank my readers and those interested in this blog because even though I don't know many of you personally, I feel you really are a part of this journey into embracing what is beautiful and elegant in each of us!

So, where I am now in my journey?  Well, I feel I've embraced a colour palette that really speaks to me and works for me - I am really happy and proud to say that since my previous posts regarding decluttering my makeup bag and sticking with my favourite tried/tested and true shades - I've actually stayed true to what works - I've fully embraced MAC's Chili as a classic favourite and wear it always daily with spice liner!  I've also embraced sticking with a makeup palette and routine that works with my True Autumn palette.  Here is my current 'signature' look - I added a touch of Make Up For Ever #17 lipstick on top of the chili to really warm it up, but the key is that I 'finally' feel amazing in my own skin and I love saying with 100% certainty that I'm a 'True Autumn':

I am wearing the same makeup in each of these photos and I decided to make a list of all the products that are currently in my makeup bag that I use on a regular basis - I will specify which products I used for this look:

Primer: Smashbow photo finish (used in photo), Benefit 'pore-fessional'
Foundation: NARS St. Moritz Tinted Moisturizer
Concealer: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage #4 (used in photo), Bobbi Brown Warm Beige concealer
Powder: MAC's Gold Deposit Mineralize Powder
Contour powder: Pretty Your World (PYW) 'Hot and Spicy' (used in photo), MAC 'Blunt'
Highlight: NARS Albatross, NARS Super Orgasm, PYW Orgasmic (used in photo)
Blush: Bobbi Brown Almond blush (used in photo), Make Up For Ever 'Copper' shadow as blush, MAC Coppertone blush
Eyeshadow (base): Ricepaper - MAC
Eyeshadow (lid to crease): Soba, Romp (used in photo) - both MAC
Eyeshadow (crease/outer corners): Bronze - MAC
Eyeshadow (shadow liner): NARS Galapagos (used in photo - smudged into upper lashline) - used in photo
Eyeliner: Clinique Black-Brown (upper lashline), MAC Teddy (lower lashline) - used in photo
Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Black-Brown (Day), Black (evening) - used in photo
Lipliner (Day): Spice by MAC
Lipliner (Evening): Auburn by MAC
Lipstick (Day): Mocha, Chili (with Spice liner) - MAC (Spice and Chili used in this photo with #17 Makeup for ever on top)
Lipstick (Evening): #17 Make Up For Ever, Photo - MAC
Lipgloss: Make Up For Ever #18 (a copper shade, love mixing this with Photo lipstick by MAC)

I really hope that you enjoyed this 300th post - I would really love to continue to hear from you all in the future - keep me posted on what inspires you, what you'd like to see more of etc - A special thank you to all my facebook fans and friends - I love all the ladies on the 12 blueprints colour analysis page - you all keep me inspired and uplifted!!!  Hurray for 300!!!


Margo said...

Renata, my congratulations with your 300th post! I do not leave comments always but I read all your new posts. I like your blog and find it very interesting and helpful. Thank you for the list of your favorite make-up products!

Renata said...

Thanks Margo - what a wonderful compliment and confirmation that others find this blog inspiring - Thank you SO much!!!