Friday, April 6, 2012

Art of Seduction - Wavy Bed-Head Hair, Smoldering Eyes and a Hint of Tom-Boy Charm!!!

Lately I've been really inspired by that sexy quasi-wavy, seductive bombshell hair.  The look is very modern Bridget Bardot - not fully wavy, yet not fully straight - its a very tamed 'bed-head' look.  I think what makes this look so sexy is that its not overdone.  I find that women who spend hours with hot-curlers in their hair look like they are trying too hard - its very 'barbie-doll' - vs the look that i'm talking about is the wavy look after a full day at work when the curls have loosened and settled - that hint of wave is there, but it seems more natural, more seductive, more 'je ne sais quoi':

I love the balance between natural beauty and seductive vixen in this photo - everything from the natural makeup combined with a subtle cat eye, the white dress combined with the off the shoulder effect and the long seeimgly natural wave in the hair with a slight 'just spent the afternoon in bed' look!  I can completely see how and why men would be ridiculously attracted to this look!

Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse is yet another example of a woman who possesses that female femme fatale look - again, the look seems to centre around a natural makeup look with that slight emphasis on a smokey/cat-like eye!  Note to self - must perfect this look!!!  What I love the most about Camille in this photo is her hair - its got that just came in from a long walk on the beach - it seems slightly windblown, yet so elegant.  I think there is something to be said about a woman who has that element of contradiction about her - sporty yet sexy, elegant yet natural, boyish-charm yet vixen - I think a lot of if has to do with that confidence of not trying so hard to be the girly-girl - still taking care of yourself, but not going after that trendy, 'i've spent 5 hours on my beauty and hair routine' look!

I think a woman looks so attractive when she has that slight wave in her hair, yet with a natural elegance.  I especially like when she combines this natural femininity with a bit of tom-boyish flair - I think this model captures that look perfectly - the blazer, vest and jeans have that 'just-enough' masculine element and when combined with that elegant, natural flowing wave and 'just-right' makeup, the result is a woman who looks like she owns her own strength, a woman who can hold her own and is confident in her own skin - nothing is more attractive than this!

Here is another example of that incredible wavy yet natural long hair combined with a seductive tom-boyish element - I love how everything about this look seems so natural, yet so feminine at the same time!  The waves aren't overly curly and fall no nicely across the shoulders - its incredibly sexy!

I had to add another photo of Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse because I feel she captures this look so well and because her hair is pulled back in such a natural yet seductive way.  I recently had a conversation with some male co-workers who admited that they dislike when women spends hours on their hair and often find that their girlfriends/wives look the sexiest when their hair is slightly wavy and pulled back into a pony-tail with jeans and a nice top.  It really made me wonder, who are we as women trying to impress when what many guys really want is just a natural, 'be-yourself' type of beauty?  Is this why a woman like Bridget Bardot was so seductive?  She had that tousled, sexy hair with just a hint of wave (very bed-head like), she often posed wearing a classic white shirt (and nothing else), her makeup was natural except for a very defined cat-like eye?  It really seems that there is something to that femme fatale look after all - plus it combines everything a man finds desirable - tousled bed-head hair, the simple white shirt, slight tom-boyish/sporty yet sexy clothes, natural makeup with a seductive element!  I guess the lesson is to add that little bit of charm, but in the end, its about being yourself that is the most seductive - with a little help of eyeliner and a curling iron!!!

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