Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 2 of the Toronto Bridal Show

Wow - Day 2 of the Toronto Bridal Show was amazing -  both Fashion shows were packed with people in the audience and I had the opportunity to meet some fanatastic people and do the makeup for two other models.  The first model that I worked on was the first to go on stage, so I wanted her to make an impact and have that 'wow' factor with the audience, but still look elegant and classy - here is the look I came up with:

Once again, I took two pics with my camera - one with flash and the other without - its nice to see how a look will turn out using various lighting.  I decided to do a defined, but not smokey eye with a reddish-coral lip.  Later in the show this model would be wearing a black blazer with a multi-coloured shirt with lots of coral tones.  I wanted her makeup to compliment every dress she would be wearing, be it a white wedding dress or a bright toned dress - the model was really happy with this look, which made me feel amazing!!!

This model was wearing mainly white wedding gowns and later in the show would be wearing this amazing outfit with royal blue top layered over a bright true green dress with these 'amazing' fuschia pumps - I didn't want her makeup to clash with the bright outfit, so I decided to add a certain element of brightness to her makeup, which ended up looking 'fantastic' with all her gowns and outfits. 

Here are some pics from the actual fashion show:

I completely fell in LOVE with this dress - I had to take a front and back shot because I adore the mauvey-grey sash that is elegently tied into a bow at the back of the dress!  I also loved the ruffled detail, which is interesting because I always thought I prefered a straighter look, but this just 'spoke' to me!!!

Another amazing wedding gown I fell in love with!

I had to include a photo of  the bright dress and top this model was wearing - I'm glad I decided to go with a brighter lip to compliment the shoes and brightness of her outfit!!!  Those shoes were 'fantastic' - note to self: must get a bright pair of heels for the spring/summer season!!!

Creating and applying these makeup looks for the bridal fashion show was really an amazing experience!

Another bridal show highlight was meeting Jessie Sulidis - a Canadian celebrity who appeared on the bachellor, bachlorette and the bachellor pad.  Jessie also has her own fashion blog called 'Chandeliers and Champagne' ( )

I just wanted to take the opportunity again to thank Jessica Moniz for asking me to be one of the makeup artists on her team for the Bridal Fashion Show - It was great working with her and the other makeup artists!!!  I'm really looking forward to my next makeup adventure, whatever it may be - as long as I'm doing makeup, I'm 'happy'!!!


Anonymous said...

Well done, Renata! I think all your make-up looks were fantastic and looked so professional on the runway!!

Renata said...

Thanks so much Snezana!!!