Sunday, April 15, 2012

Golden Girl

Hair Colour has always fascinated me and I've got to admit, I'm currently on a quest to re-claim my natural golden chestnut shade.  I've posted some childhood photos in the past, but felt they weren't very clear, so when I had the opportunity to go to my parents house today, I made sure to take some great photos - I then used the photo crop option on my compuer to get the best close up/face shot I could.  I was able to find some interesting photos and the thing that keeps surfacing in my eyes in just how 'golden' the natural highlight are in my hair.  I currently have a great colour - its very natural looking and the highlights are subtle yet pretty.  I just can't seem to get the idea of adding even more warmth and 'golden girl' personality into my hair.  Here is a close up of my natural colour taken from a child-hood pic, with some other childhood photos I managed to find today:

I never realized just how much of a golden brown base I had as a child until I saw this close up photo - it almost seems like a golden-chestnut base with gold highlights - I actually really love this colour and the cool this is - its 'mine'!!!

It amazing to me how often we search for 'years' for what is naturally 'ours' - I can't tell you how many times I've coloured my hair - I've been every shade from black to blonde to red to every shade in between - to think that I could have saved myself so much money and hassle if I'd only looked at a photo of my natural hair colour!!!

I think this photo was taken after a trip to Florida and I say that because of how light my hair appears in this photo, which is fantastic, because its a great indication of how much I can lighten my hair without going too light!

 My natural golden highlights are really evident in this photo - the lighting seems to be the most natural and perhaps a great photo to take with me when I next get my hair done - I love how the highlights naturally 'blend' into my hair - it gives off the ideal golden glow - something that I really want to acheive the next time I get my hair coloured!

As I got older, my hair seemed to loose some of those natural golden highlights and my hair morphed into a darker, stronger chestnut shade - still very warm and golden, but deeper and richer - a perfect shade for fall/winter!

I am so happy and excited to have these childhood photos - its amazing for me to now see just how much warmth I have in my hair naturally and I can't wait to add in more 'goldie-locks'!!!


Margo said...

You were such a cute girl with a nice hair. I agree that a natural color is the best for everybody. Mother Nature is wise. We all try different colors during many years but one day we realize very clearly that we want to return our natural color back.

Renata said...

Thanks Margo - I agree, there is something so 'elegant' about returning to your natural colour - I can't wait to take these photos into the salon I go to and see if I can't re-create this colour as close as possible!

Margo said...

Good luck, Renata! I am looking forward to see your new photos.

AlaskAnna said...

Have you ever considered growing out your natural colored hair?

Renata said...

Hey AlaskAnna,
I have and did try it at one point, but the more it grew out, the more I noticed that the natural red tones that I had as a child weren't there and I felt I needed to add some richness into my hair - my hair is also starting to get patches if greys - eventually, i'd like to have my hair grow out naturally with the grey and then add in some highlights!