Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm BACK!!!

I have MISSED blogging on 'Beauty and Elengance' SO much!!! And I'm here to say that I'm BACK and this time with a Vengeance!!! My life lately has taken my on a WILD, but much needed adventure! I went on a little 'spiritual retreat/journey' you could say where I really started to ask myself what I wanted from my life? What is my true passion? Where do I get my greatest sense of fulfillment??? and its interesting, my journey led me right back here!!! My passion is makeup and colour!!! My fulfillment comes from expressing myself using this creative outlet and sharing it with others!!! I'm so happy to begin the next chapter of my journey right here with all of you at the 'Beauty and Elegance'!!! I haven't stopped my makeup experiments, in FACT, I've been working very hard on creating new looks. I have done a lot of reminiscing about Paris, what I learned about creating a look based on true allure. Defining your perfect look includes really looking at the following facts and questions: 1) Who are you as a woman? what does your Life look like? 2) What is your unique colouring (study what colours look the best on you and that you feel the best in) 3) What is your 'Allure' - what makes you shine? What makes you feel 'sexy'? 4) What do you want in life? What are your passions? what brings you fulfillment??? 5) Perhaps 'most' importantly - everything that you are seeing, you ALREADY have - its time to stop trying to 'look like someone else' and embrace what is UNIQUE and original about you!!! Colour analysis works 'most of the time', but not all of the time. I for one, don't feel like I fit into any one season - I feel that I can borrow from 'many' seasons, both warm and cool, but feel the most closely connected to the autumn and winter seasons. I feel that getting your colours done is a great experience, but it should not 'define' your life!!! Examine who you are - DEFINE YOURSELF!!! We are not meant to fit into a 'box' when it comes to beauty and makeup. Elegant women are elegant because they don't fit the mold, they follow their instrict. The French 'allure'or je ne sais quoi - is 'not definable' for a reason! Once you step into 'trying to hard' or defining your look, you step 'away' from your own 'Allure' - Be who you are, be confident, don't look outside of who you are for something/someone to give you meaning and KNOW your WORTH!!! The photo I posted is a look I've been wearing a lot lately - its my own version of an everyday Parisian Look - I'm sticking to the warm tones of my eyes with Dior 'Amber Design', a dark brown liner smudged with the med. brown shade in the Dior palette and black mascara. My all time favourite 'Madly' blush by NARS and a swipe of Makeup Up Forever, Natural lipstick in N9!!! They key for this look is that its natural, yet gives you the right amount of colour!!! Oh wow - I'm SO excited to be back and blogging about makeup again!!! Love you All!!!


Sneza said...

Welcome back!

I just finished reading Forever Chic: Frenchwomen's Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style, and Substance, by Tish Jett, and Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris, by Jennifer L. Scott (they're both quick reads) -- and I kept thinking about your blog because you were saying the same kinds of things about your trip to Paris. "I heard it here first!" LOL Have you read these books?

Renata said...

Oh wow - yes I have 'Madame Chic' but have not heard the other book!!! Thank you So much for the compliment - Chic is a

Renata said...

State of mind!!!