Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I've come to Learn about Makeup!!!

So I've decided that not only am I going to post photos of my makeup work or describe my 'look' - I'm also going to blog about my ideas around beauty and how to use makeup to 'compliment' you look, style and life!!! I'd really like to share something that I think will benefit you the next time you go shopping for makeup. Makeup is a lot of hair colour - one single shade is nice, but to look REALLY elegant, makeup, like an expensive hair-colour, needs to be 'Multi-Dimentional'. Other than a Classic Red lip, elegant makeup shouldn't be one straight shade - it should have a touch of this or a bit of that - thats why layering different shades gives you that 'ideal' shade. But if you want that one standard colour, esp when it comes to lipstick, try a shade like Retro from MAC (it has a touch of red, a touch of peach, a touch of brown and a touch of rose) - another trick for lipstick is to use different lipliner shades with a neutral lipstick or go for unconventional colour combinations to create a unique shade like a plum liner with a peach lipstick or a mahogany liner with a light sheer pink lip-gloss - the possibilities are 'endless' - if you can't find that 'perfect' shade, create your own!!! THe perfect lipstick shouldn't be 'definable' - the best is to get the reaction from people who question 'What colour is that???' - With eyeshadows, the possbilities are endless too - I mix shades ALL the time - very rarely, do I every just use one shade - I layer, I mix, I create various different shades. I do the same with eyeliners - I will use an angled brush to smudge various colours into my liner. I will use a taupe-brown shadow to blend into a black liner or a copper brown to blend into a deep brown shade. I've even mixed plum shades in with navy and blue liners. If you want a unique makeup look, think like an artist - layer, mix and match, blend!!! When it comes to blush, the best thing you can do is to match the natural flush in your cheeks - pinch your cheeks, pinch the end of your finger tip and notice what shade appears - that's your best blush shade - it will look the most natural. I've learned the hard way that blush in the wrong colour or blush that isn't sheer enough will make you look like a clown! Save a bold colour for your lip and go natural with your blush! Finally, foundation and concealer - take the time to get colour matched! Sephora now offers a colourmatching system - or go makeup shopping without wearing your foundation and let an artist match you up. If you're still not sure, go for a tinted moisturizer that is sheer! Also, if you need, mix and match - or even create your own tinted moisturizer by blending your everyday moisturizer with your foundation. Think of your makeup kit as 'collecting a wardrobe' - every once in a while, purge what doesn't work, keep the 'essentials' and never give up on a colour you really love, no matter what a colour analyst says. If you LOVE red lips, go for it, just learn how to make it work - maybe its a matter of adjusting what you wear on your eyes or blending a more neutral liner with the lipstick - Makeup, more than anything, is a journey and you learn along the way!!! Enjoy the journey!!!

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