Sunday, January 25, 2015

MAC Chili Lipstick

I inspired myself with my last 'orange-red' lipstick post :) As I was looking through my makeup kit to try other orange based shades, I stumbled upon Chili lipstick by MAC and realized that this shade is everything 'autumn'. It's spicy, rich, warm, red. Its wearable for day and night - it's a complex colour, yet absolutely stunning. I decided to play around with this shade - I tried to add as much 'orange' as possible to this look without looking clownish - however, I discovered something amazing - my skintone 'Loves' the orange - nothing that I applied seemed 'too much' - another checkmark in the direction of a golden, true autumn skintone :) I started this look with my basic face, meaning I started with a fresh, clean and cleansed face, applying a touch of concealer and my foundation of choice. Lately, I've been combining Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer with Revlon's Golden Beige Foundation. Next, I applied Gingerly Blush by MAC. For the eyes, I mixed MAC amber lights and Saddle and applied this to the lid into the crease, blending into the crease very well. I used Urban Decay's Burboun eyeliner (my new absolute favourite eyeliner) and smudged the upper lashline with a blend of saddle and Brun eyeshadows by MAC (I used this same mix for my eyebrows). I used Loreal Voluminous mascara and finished off the look with a swipe of MAC Chili Lipstick (no lipliner required or used in this pic). I recently purchased this orange scarf and wanted to include it in this pic, as its a beautiful 'burnt orange' shade that compliments Chili so well. I really look forward to showing you some more 'natural' orange-peach toned makeup looks soon. I've very inspired by all things 'true autumn' again!


Anonymous said...

I love this on you!! Your skin does love orange :)

Renata said...

Thank you so much - I love the Orange right back :)

Anonymous said...

Personally, and since you do ask for input, I don't think the reds are your best colors overall... warm or cool.