Saturday, August 4, 2012

'Wild Rose' Herbal Detox

Much of this blog has been an expression of my love and passion for makeup, elegant looks, styles, home decor etc etc - but one thing that I've never really written about is the importance of healthy and beautiful skin and impact that diet has on our bodies and skin.  This summer has been FILLED with bbq's, birthday parties, backyard patio dinners, family get togethers etc etc etc - its been great to see so many wonderful people, family, friends etc, but it hasn't been so great on my skin - burgers, chips, hot dogs, cakes, cookies, birthday cakes loaded with icing, ice cream etc etc etc - I have noticed blotches, rashes, hives, pimples on my face and I know 100% that its from eating foods that I wouldn't normally go near.  Its difficult when you eat away from your own home, don't have control over what you're being served and sometimes not wanting to offend the host, you try that 3rd cookie- lol.  Well, I don't want to wake up anymore and feel 'blah', without energy, saying 'sorry' to my poor body for feeding it crap loaded with sugar and unhealthy fats.  I decided to try the Wild Rose Detox Cleanse:

I heard about this cleanse from a fellow 'yogi' - we have been practicing yoga together for years and when she tried the Wild Rose Detox, she seemed to have so much energy and kept mentioning how amazing she feels.  I decided its time for me to try this cleanse.  The entire detox plan comes in a kit (pictured above) with both herbal tablets and a liquid tincture that you have to take both at breakfast and dinner. The kit also includes a copy of the recommended diet, which is basically an 80% alkaline, 20% acidic balanced diet. The key is that you must eliminate wheat, dairy, sugar and all yeast forming foods. So basically, its a return to most fruits, vegetables, whole grains (not even grain flours are allowed - it must literally be the whole grain), nuts, seeds, fish, lean poultry, lean beef, lamb - all meats being lean, organic, hormone and anti-biotic free.

I have to admit that I am uber excited to start this cleanse - I can't wait to start feeling 'amazing' again. I have also always suspected that I have a sensitivity to dairy, gluten, sugars (if not all three), so it will be interesting to see what happens when I start introducing these foods back one at a time. If I find that I am truely sensitive to these foods, I plan on drastically reducing if not eliminating these foods from my diet. Its more important for me to feel and look good than it is to wake up with that 'blah' feeling.  Most importantly, I want my skin to be free of all those impurities and toxins.  I want that natural, healthy glow to my skin!!!

Wild Rose detox, here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!

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