Friday, October 26, 2012

Chanel Allure - Part 2

I love creating collages!  I could do it for hours - I literally get lost in images, colours, harmonizing patterns etc etc - its like scrapbooking, but via the computer!  I have been mesmorized with Keira Knightly's makeup looks and have taken some time to study the elegant colours of the palette that she wears - so I decided to create a collage!!!  Here is a great visual of the type of colours that are used to create a timeless, classic makeup look - not all the shades are Chanel, but many are - I will list all the shades/swatches I used in this collage below:

Blush: NARS Madly, Chanel Tweed Rose
Eyes: MAC Brule, Soba, Coquette and Smut shadows
Chanel Brun and MAC Coffee eyeliners
Lips: Chanel Nude and Rose Cuivre lipliners, MAC Soar lipliner
Chanel Boy, Organdi Rose and Vendome Lipsticks
* All these shades are represented in this collage in one way or another (some as colour swatches, some as photos of the actual product)

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